1. Hello Dave,
    Love your site and interests. I just moved to Colorado (Divide) from Indiana. I see we have common interests. I grew up in the Badlands of South Dakota, and have been collecting rocks and fossils since I was a kid (I am 63 now). Indiana is packed full of ancient sea fossils…but I am looking forward to learning the ropes regarding Rocky Mountain crystals, etc.
    I am also an award-winning astrophotographer…and have had LIGHTING and METEOR photographs published in Astronomy Magazine…I appreciated seeing your beautiful lighting photographs you have published on your site.
    Don’t know where in Colorado you are located, but it would be great…if you are interested or have time…to get together sometime and share photos and ideas.

    Mike Hutchinson
    Divide, CO

    1. Hi Mike. Welcome to Colorado…you will find amazing things non-stop here! Enjoy!

      You are in the center of an amazing region for crystals and interesting rocks. I’d highly recommend the Lake George Gem and Mineral Club which is very active and full of fun folks!

      I would love to pick your brain on low-light photography and see some of your work. Lightning is my favorite thing to photograph I think! Can’t get enough of it!

      I live near Larkspur on the Palmer Divide. Let’s touch base and find a time to meet up. Life is super busy right now for me, I will reach out soon to see if our schedules can intersect.

      Thank you for the kind words as well!


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