Decided that we wanted to visit the Florissant Fossil Quarry in Florissant, Colorado. This is a great pay dig where you can split open 34-million old shale in search for leaf or insect fossils. Rarely there are animals which are usually kept with the quarry and provided to museum and research.

The beauty of being in a rock club is that I know the guy that coordinates field trips (lol, that’s me), so I felt it would be fun to see if anyone else in the club wanted to join us. Ended up about 10 folks showed up and we spent a couple of hours aexrracting leaf and insect fossils. I’ll definitely be doing this trip again.

I took these photos using a Celestron USB Microscope as I was looking at all of the fossils (big and small) that we uncovered. Take note that some of these are rather small; so bring a loop or magnifying glass with you on the field trip so you don’t accidentally throw out something really cool…most fossils are good size so you don’t need any magnification. For ID, there is a great site with 5000+ ID’ed fossils from this formation.

Erin and others in the club heading into the second hour–we already had several folks leave as they had great stuff already!
The Fossil Mobile is a clever and great science education opportunity!
All the tools and supplies to take home fossils are provided! Here is my spider that is drying before we chip away at the remaining shale to expose it.
An unknown fossil (bug?)
A partial leaf fossil
Another partial leaf
A stem (??) Notice the 34-million old precision of the small details of the fossil!
A nice beetle that Erin discovered
fly fossil
A nice fly fossil
Sequoia needle
Partially uncovered leaf and the small fly
A wasp or bee or flying ant?
A creepy fossil face
Florissant Fossils
The find of the day, you can see on the right side where I need to remove the top layer of shale still!