Sequential Circuits Pro One – Alive after 20 years!

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It is time, finally, to repair my Sequential Circuits Pro One synthesizer! ┬áBack in “the day” when I was picking up analog gear like it was trash to the new “digital synth craze” I was able to procure this for $35 (it was DOA). I have purchased 2 CPU chips over the years but they were DOA as well. Finally, I ran across this new Turbo-CPU chip from Music Technologies Group. I have yet to install the MIDI part, but the SCI is working like new!

What a great piece of gear; I HIGHLY recommend MTG and appreciate his passion for keeping old synths alive!

Getting ready to replace the chip:

Before/After of the CPU:

The Pro One after it was 100% working!!!

Some cool etchings on the board! Anyone know what the bottom one says?

Here is a quick drone track I did immediately after it was working. The first time this machine has talked in at least 20 years!
Sequentialstein by davealex


  1. thanks for the great post Dave, I just put in an order for this myself! My CPU seems to work fine with the exception of the arpeggiator. Am excited!

  2. wow, small world, Dave! Grant works on my stuff all the time out here in California. He’s a great tech and a nice guy.

    James Ulibarri

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