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Howdy.  I have many hobbies and post what I can, when I can, here and on social media.  Below are some quick links if you want to quickly tune into a certain hobby.

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Most of my posts have pictures, especially the Storm Chasing Blog

** Throughout the site you can click on images to enlarge them. **

STORM CHASING: Blog :: Lightning

ROCKHOUNDING: Blog :: How to Find Crystals Guide

MUSIC PRODUCTION / DJ: Blog :: My Music :: Gear

Here are some social media music sites I post tunes and info on:



  1. Hey man! great website! I’m really diggin all your rockhounding adventures. Im from michigan and have a trip planned april 22-26 to rockhound around pikes peak batholith. would love to chat with you sometime about your experiences if you have a minute. Thanks for your time!!!


  2. Hello there Dave! Wonderful website and loving all your energy you put into your craft! The misses and I are having the upmost troubles with rockhounding. Even in the most popular of spots (St Peters Dome). Would it be possible to chat and obtain some of your guidance for our ventures? I see you posted your contact info above, but it is incomplete. So here is my email so you can reach me if you wish. Thanks much for your time.


    pleiadianstarseed7 at gmail dot com

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