Obliq aritsts on Pete Namlook tribute album.

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Four (4) *NEW* Multicast tracks (under Obliq Recordings side projects guises Replicast, Ted Sturgeon and Freq Modif) are featured on the late Pete Namlook tribute Die Welt ist Klang on Carpe Sonum Records!  We are honored to be a part of this tribute to one of the pioneers of electronic music along with 30+ other great artists!

Here are the individual tracks:

Ted Sturgeon – Sea Foam Green

Freq Modif – Spy Hunter

Replicast (Multicast) – Gurrr

Multicast – Lowrider in Cairo

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  1. Big congrats to the Obliq crew on this tremendous honor! I know Namlook was always a major influence and inspiration to you all – to me as well, as much through Nathan’s introduction of his music to me as anything else. He was a cherished subharmonic frequency to the world of electronic music and will be forever missed.

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