KGNU Electronic Air #1

Electronic Air

electronic air - dj davealexI’ve always been a fan of Electronic Air over its 21 year history, and I was invited in late 2016 to become part of the crew.  I will be a substitute DJ and fill in for the regulars when they need a break from the action.

I have been away from radio DJing for over 20 years and am really excited to be part of this amazing crew, and to DJ again.  Tune in, it will be great!

Here is the teaser I pushed out with one day to go…

Electronic Air dj davealex


  1. I’d like to ask Dave about his trip to “Picket Wire Canyonlands” (and yes, I do listen to KGNU, and donate occasionally … even if I’m a low-life Broomfielder ;^).

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