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Moog 901-A Oscillator Controller
Moog 901-A Oscillator Controller, Drawing 1100, July 2, 1969

About 16 years ago I bought a PolyMoog Synthesizer from a Pawn Shop up in Brighton.  It was in good shape and came with the PolyPedal, but didn’t have the legs or power cord.  I found a computer power cord in the shop and asked the broker if I could give it a try.  At first he was reluctant, but then allowed me to try.  It acted as if it had a stuck key; I knew this could be a much bigger issue than just a key; so I talked to him and got a really good deal on it!

I bought the schematics and operations manuals online and took it apart and looked to see if it was something mechanical or “simple”…but I was unable to figure out the issue.  I figured I’d send it out to a tech sometime; but given its weight I wanted the tech to be close to home.  Meanwhile, I found a PolyMoog Road Kit on eBay and I won that auction.  This parts kit was essential for bands who were on the road with one of these beasts, so I was told.  This came from a former employee that worked in the Moog Trumansburg Factory.  He included with this auction lot several Moog schematic blueprints and an EMU modular catalog!!!  *BONUS* 🙂

Fast forward 15+ years… I found a great tech here locally just a few months back (Chris Rowland, offbeat electronics) — who I highly recommend, btw — who has put to good use that PolyMoog Road Kit.  I hope to get my Moog back in pristine working condition here shortly.  Meanwhile, I finally took some photos of these schematics that I have framed and hanging in my man-cave.  Click on them for a larger image; and some didn’t come out as clear as I wanted; if you want higher resolution let me know and I’ll work harder to get a better shot!

Here are some more schematics and a great article.

Here is the full list of schematics:

    • 901-A Oscillator Controller (July 2, 1969 #1000)
    • 901-C Output Stage (February 14, 1967 #1126)
    • 904-A Low Pass Filter (July 27, 1967 #1149)
    • 904-B High Pass Filter (December 1966 #1118)
    • 904-C Voltage Controlled Filter Coupler (July 14, 1967 #1148)
    • 905 Reverberation (July 26, 1966 #1104)
    • 910 Power Supply (March 8, 1965 #1058)
    • 911 Envelope Generator (August 14, 1968 #1220)
    • 911-A Dual Trigger Delay (July 13, 1967 #1146)
    • 912 Envelope Follower (March 10, 1967 #1130)
    • 914 Fixed Filter Bank (June 28, 1967 #1142)
    • 961 Controller
    • 1150 Ribbon Controller
    • Synthesizer 10 (December 30, 1969 #1374)
    • Console Panel 3 (February 27, 1968 #1170)

If you have any of these, or have images or links to others, please post in the comments; I would love to see more!  These look great framed and hanging on the walls!

Moog 904-A Low Pass Filter Schematic
Moog 904-A Low Pass Filter Schematic, Drawing 1149, July 25, 1967
Moog 904-B High Pass Filter Schematic
Moog 904-B High Pass Filter Schematic, Drawing 1118, December 1966
Moog 905 Reverberation Schematic
Moog 905 Reverberation Schematic, Drawing 1104, July 26, 1966
Moog 961 Controller Schematics
Moog 961 Interface Schematics
Moog Synthesizer 10 Schematics
Moog Synthesizer 10 Schematics, Drawing 1374, December 30, 1969




  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these photos. I’d love to see a photo of the 914 filter and a better shot of the 904A filter if you would please.


    1. Hi David. Thanks, I’ll try and get some better, clearer images uploaded soon. I have these framed and on the wall in my studio hence the poorer quality photo, I’ll take them off the wall and do it proper, been wanting to for years. How has the Synthasystem project been selling? I appreciate the heart and energy that you put into the project; I remember talking to you when you were just starting the journey and you’ve come a long way with the project! I’ll post another reply to this thread when I have the better images available.

  2. With regard to the Synthasystem, I have all the original modules done and working and have my own “monster” system up and running. I’ve not had a lot of sales of PCBs, but Chris at SynthCube has and will be putting kits and complete modules together with my PCBs. He has my Microcon clone that has done well for him. I think he has plans to release the VCO and VCF in the near future (at least he’s ordered VCO PCBs and more Microcon PCBs, too). I haven’t updated my site for ages, so probably best to look at

    I’ve given Nyle blank PCBs and panels and he’s finally got his own “new” system going. That’s the biggest reward for me anyway.

    Thanks again for making these schematics available.


  3. Hi David

    I’m desparately seeking a scan or your framed Moog 904-B High Pass Filter Schematic, Drawing 1118, December 1966.
    There are lots of redrawn versions of this module on the web like these:
    page 41 of this service manual:
    but there are errors as pointed out by some DIYers
    that (like me) want to build ‘precise’ clones of some Moog modules.
    So could you provide a better scan of the 904B blue print ?
    These are precious finds you have …

  4. Yes….the 904b framed print is pure gold….but I’m going blind trying to read it…..please please please could you include a sharper photo or two of it….paaaallllleeeeeeeeezeeeee!!!!

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