Environmental Recordings around the World

A friend (thanks Zack!) forwarded me this really interesting website that plots environmental sound recordings from all over the world onto a map–making a very neat user experience.  There are quite a lot of entries and it continues to grow.  Very interesting stuff as you use the application.

The website:  http://aporee.org/maps/.

EBM / Coldwave Mixtape

Coldwave EBM Mixtape

Up for your enjoyment is an EBM / Coldwave Mixtape.  I have been creating playlists on my devices and when I hit a song that would fit well on a “stylized” mixtape I bookmark it.  I have been doing this for years with the intent of throwing together mixtapes. Nothing fancy with this mixtape, just simply an old-school style of putting tracks together for my listening pleasure!

For me the styles of “Coldwave” and “Electronic Body Music” (EBM) are basically the same – cyberpunk.  The term started being used in the press during the very late 70’s with Kraftwerk’s sound and led into the darker electronic sounds in the early eighties.  I have loved this style of music since I first heard examples of it on the Denver music television show Teletunes in the early/mid 80’s.  MTV wasn’t allowed in the small rural town I grew up in, but that was okay because MTV would have never gone this alternative anyway.

Here is the track listing:

  1. Ortrotasce “At Your Last Breath” (2013)
  2. Nitzer Ebb “Let Beauty Loose” (1987)
  3. Kline Coma Xero “Left Behind” (2014)
  4. Front 242 “Body to Body” (1981)
  5. A Flock of Seagulls  “The Last Flight of Yuri Gagarin” (1983)
  6. Black Lung “Eugenics” (1994)
  7. Lassigue Bendthaus “JKTV Otaku (How Many Angels Can Dance on the Head of a Modem)” (1994)
  8. Chris & Cosey “Just Like You” (1981)
  9. Cabaret Voltaire “Automotivation” (1985)
  10. Depeche Mode “Shout” (1981)
  11. The Normal “Warm Leatherette” (1978)
  12. Lassigue Bendthaus “Velocity Life” (1991)
  13. Illustration Sonore “Flying Lights” (2013)
  14. Ministry “The Angel” (1986)

EBM Mixtape – dj davealex by Davealex on Mixcloud

Multicast track featured on Veni Vidi Audivi compilation

Multicast has a track Departure featured on the Veni Vidi Audivi compilation on Carpe Sonum Records. There is no reason for not enjoying this release, it is absolutely free!  The release features upcoming artists on the label.

Veni, Vidi Audivi ambient electronic music compilation on Carpe Sonum Records

Veni, Vidi Audivi ambient electronic music compilation on Carpe Sonum Records. Grab it now, it’s FREE!

For those unaware of Carpe Sonum Records, it is a Colorado-based ambient music label continuing the spirit of the late Pete Namlook‘s pioneering electronic music label Fax +49-69/450464.  Here’s more information on Carpe Sonum Records.

We are honored to be part of this amazing ambient release.  Our 2005 vinyl-only album Bahian Coastal Hwy. will be released in spring of 2015, remastered by Andreas [Lupo] Lubich and containing extra tracks.  Here is a preview of the upcoming release in addition to what is on the compilation.

Here is information about other Obliq Recordings (i.e. my bands) tracks featured on the Pete Namlook tribute album on Carpe Sonum records.

Sit back in your easy chair, wipe your mind from thought, and let your ears enjoy!

Oh, and please forward the information to your likeminded friends! Thank you!

Top 2013 Releases



Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens – Los Angeles Mescal Buttons

Denver based teacher & songwriter that put together a great EP available for free!  Gotta love that.  Nice western feel and great bassline for the title track.  Remixes are good too!  The Marcellus Lewis Remix has some nice squidgy sounds under a deep reverb tank that are great!http://jeffreywentworthstevens.blogspot.com/2013/09/los-angeles-mescal-buttons-singleremixes.html


Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens – The Holy Dogs of Other Days

Awesome album; and gets the creativity art project of the year award!!!  Released on a 2” button that you can clip onto your jean jacket…just plug in headphones and away you go…  track selection and volume control included.  Plug into USB for a fresh recharge!  One of the best packaging ideas to date; and the tunes are awesome too.  Get the digital edition for free…



Cyberia – DYAD

What the hell is up with Denver bands this year!  O F F  T H E  C H A R T S !!! This is off of some obscure cassette tape label (really?) from some hick town in Texass.  One of the most listened to albums of the year; this is a great commuter release.   Tight melodies and awesome production!  If you haven’t heard it yet; well; you’re lame!



Locust – You’ll Be Safe Forever

I love Mark Van Hoen; and he again comes out with a strong release!  I can remember falling in love with his sound from Weathered Well in 94; this is no-where near as strong of a release; but that one will never be bested by Mark.  Not ambient, not dance; but somewhere in the void between…awesome rainy day music!


Adult – The Way Things Fall

Starting in 2012 I rediscovered one of my favorite genres, coldwave, on Soundcloud.  Since I have been loving all the resurgence of this sound.  I remember seeing Adult in NYC 2000 at the SiNFest and this duo has come a long way since then!  Female vocals are a bit off; which just drives me nuts!  For those liking an alternative sound, grab it!


Makina GiRGiR – Torment

Another incredible coldwave record.  Beautiful female vocals over classic old school “new wave”.  Awesome French start up label doing beautiful releases.  This one is hand silk screened!  Thanks to Soundcloud for tuning me into this one!


Various – Circuit D’Actes 3

A great new startup label from France, Le Forme Lente is hitting it with spot on coldwave VINYL ONLY releases.  Along with the Makina GirGir LP; this one is excellent.  Featuring Kline Coma Xero from San Francisco, a great startup artist very reminiscent of Lassigue Bendthaus, and when I saw he had this release on vinyl I had to pick it up!  The KCX track is incredible, and I was gifted with 9 other awesome tracks!  A very disturbing version of “Ring Around The Rosie” ends the LP…


Miss Kittin – Falling from the Stars

This album has grown on me considerably.  Not as much so as her last album Batbox (which is growing to one of my all time favorite techno-pop albums), but this 4LP heavy weight set has two modes—the first two LPs are more techno pop while the second two are more experimental and instrumental.  Bought this pre-order from France, $21 shipped as it was not available in America; keep an eye on Amazon for great deals!


Dopplereffekt – Tetrahymena

A latecomer to 2013; this is a classic Detroit style 3 track EP.  Starting off with analog arpeggio and travelling through classic electro and dark techno; a classic release!  Can’t get this off of the turntable!  On my newest mix…



SP#1 – Retrofit

2 tracks of acid techno bliss.  I bought this on a whim from Amoeba (first visit since 2008!) –this is likely the most listened to record of the year for me.  Ultra limited, you probably missed it…  Mesmerizing deep acid techno; both sides are incredible—hypnotising!  Also on the above mixtape…


Recondite – On Acid

A recommendation from some label owner in Texass, this is one of the best acid albums in a long time.  Not the typical dance stuff; but full of slide and octave up on the old 303!  The vinyl sounds amazing!  Wonderful record!


Trentemoller – Reworked & Remixed

My first (and only) official buy on iTunes.  This is a remix compilation from his amazing “Into the Great Wide Yonder” album from several years back.  Awesome self-remixes along with touch ups from other great producers; the fav is the surf track produced by Andrew Weatherall!  Essential Trentemoller release!


Skinny Puppy – Weapon LP

I saw them in 2012 and they still have what has made the one of the best electronic bands ever; what an amazing show!  This LP was limited and worth the long wait; classic Puppy sound but with a modern feel and great synth programming as always.  Solvent is a remake from their first cassette demo and takes you all that way back; the other tracks are fresh but also have the feel of early Puppy!  Great record!


Atom TM – Pop HD

I love most the album; except the horrible Who remake and the Jamie Lidell tracks.  Uwe mastering makes the most of minimal samples and spaced sounds.  BIG sound from little sounds!  Production quality is something to make engineers heads spin—he is the master!  Great fun!  Stop Imperialist Pop makes me laugh out loud each listen!  Can’t wait for the Blu-ray version!


I Dream of Wires Blu-ray

Produced by Canada’s own Jason Amm (Solvent), this is the documentary of the year, maybe the decade.  History of Modular Synthesizers is part I, part II explores the current Modular craze that is happening now.  A synth lover’s wet dream…Hardcore Edition is > 4 hours long!

Send me the ones I missed in the comments!

August Tunes – new music from Multicast

Summer is winding down at a frantic pace; and I’m having fun every minute!  Posted some new Multicast tracks.

This one is an oldie but goodie; one of the first tracks we produced back in 1996 or so.  This was a marquee track on our original Wired Spaces demo, although it never saw an album release.  We had it on a Radio 1190 compilation several years back.  Enjoy!

This track was on both a Radio 1190 compilation Local Shakedown 3 and also a Denver International Airport local artists feature compilation in 2013.  Enjoy!

This was a track we produced back in 2009-10 timeframe and played at many of our shows.  This is the ultra-chill style that Multicast is known for!  Sit back and relax, the sound is God!


Music News: Freq Modif Active

Been a while since my project Freq Modif has been active; but that sleeping beast awakes. Right now there is a Facebook page and a Soundcloud page. I have 25+ tracks ready to go online; I’m going to add them a few at a time–much like a glacier melts–so does the Freq Modif archive to create a constant stream…

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/users/44238971″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]


And the patch above was my dad’s; he was a Radarman in the Navy.  I love the patch and it hangs in the studio with all the electronics equipment!

Quick Music Guide to davealex.com

There is a bunch of music throughout the website; some goes way back. To make it easier to digest I created a quick roadmap…

30m – Electro Lodge
30m – Alt Electronic
30m – Lunar Lodge 2012
Multicast – Museum In The Dark
Liquid Hardhouse 2
Hardcore/Acid Mix
Electronic Mix
Techno Acid 1
30m – Detroit
Techno Mixup
Trip Hop / Acid Jazz
davealex made tunes
Hardcore / Techno Madness
30m – Electro 2010
Mostly Acid
Multicast – New Tunes/Videos
Holy Beer Bombs 2 – Industrial
30m Wave
30m Techno
30m Experimental Ambient

All About Art – Dave Alexander in Perry Park Sentinel Newletter

Suzanne Jenne was kind enough to interview and post this article in our local monthly newsletter, the Perry Park Sentinel.  She makes it sound like I’m doing this all the time; I wish I could be that busy with music!  LOL!  For those that wanted to read the article, here it is.  Thanks to Suzanne and the folks at the Sentinel for their support!!! –dave

All About Art-March 2012

Happy New Year to all and by the time you read this, Chinese New Year celebration will have come and gone so a belated Gung Hey Fat Choy to you!

After being absent for several months, I’m taking up the pen again and have decided to feature local artists in this year’s “ All About Art”  segment so that you may learn more about the genius that surrounds us here in Perry Park.

Dave Alexander

This month’s article focuses on Dave Alexander who is a fascinating electronics wizard, computer programming expert, musician and producer.  One of Larkspur’s best kept secrets, Dave is known internationally in the electronic music world in places such as England, Japan and especially Germany.  His projects and interests are diverse and eclectic. I think you’ll see why.

Dave began his college study in engineering, but, knew early on that computer device design wasn’t for him.  He segued into business management and realized that human interaction was an important component to his happiness.  Cycle forward a few years and Dave found his forte in consulting in the PeopleSoft software arena.  Somewhere along the way Dave was a DJ at KUCB 1190 AM and resident at several clubs in Boulder 4-5 nights a week, where he met his wife Erin, the business manager at the station.  A few years later and Dave finds his career has taken him to Children’s Hospital in Denver as a PeopleSoft applications consultant.  Mix the passion for music with a real gift for “things technical”, add a flair for design and marketing and you are looking at Dave Alexander!

Dave has developed a clever process for making music.  He tends to look at his music work in terms of “projects”.  He defines a “project” as a “stream of consciousness”: a certain type of sound, the perfect sound.  Dave is actually a member of 5 different collaborations or “projects” as he calls them.  “Obliq Recordings”, “Multicast”, “Replicast”, “Freq Modif” and “Ted Sturgeon” are all  joint partnerships with other musicians in, distinctly different music styles.  Equuicast is a collaboration of long time Denver pioneering electronic bands Equulei and Multicast.

While he plays “keyboards and technology” he is largely responsible for producing recordings on CDs and, yes, records.  He started in the ‘90s, working with his college roommate, then moved on to evolve this project-oriented style of production.  That’s how ”Freq Modif” a funky electronic style (check out the single inspired by our community, “Larkspur”), started out. The “Multicast” project is a bit more “down tempo”.  “Replicast” has more jazz influence.  “Ted Sturgeon” yet, another project, is decidedly acoustic. .  At any given time he is running 5 or 6 different music production projects…this is one VERY busy guy.

Dave and Erin have 2 children, Hunter (11) and Daphne (7), and he works full time so has limited hours to make music.  When he collaborates with the various project musicians, he tends to set up a play “date” and then they all jam for 4 to 6 hours straight.  Next he goes back and edits that content down to 1 hour highlights of the session.  Then the fun begins as he resamples or redoes tracks, and then produces them, primarily as records.  He’s intrigued by the mystique of records.  Besides collecting historical records, he focuses his spare time innovating in the processes of record production, packaging and distribution.

The challenge for an artist as busy as Dave is that he continually has to manage his time by asking himself, “what do I want to do today? do I want to play music, or edit and produce it?”

His love for technology has driven him to build his own studio, an impressive enclave full of analog and digital production equipment.  He used to begin his search at 5:00 am each morning scouring newspaper ads for used synthesizers to add to his extensive collection.  Thank God the internet came along and made that job easier!  His favorite medium for electronic expression is analog, which produces “big, thick, fat sound”.  Dave feels there is a “warmness” to analog sound that digitally produced sound just doesn’t have, but enjoys working digitally as well for his ability to manipulate the output.  “It’s like working with puzzles” Dave says.

Dave recently did a 6 channel surround sound engineering project for “First Friday” on Santa Fe Ave in Denver and another on Platte, the art event where galleries open their doors for the first Friday evening of the month.  Another recent project is with the Aurora History Museum and Regis University Department of War History honoring the heroes of our wars!  Dave is also working on a project to collaborate with Denver International Airport for “Everything Art”.  The annual CMKY Festival in April of 2012 in Boulder is also on Dave’s radar screen. The festival brings in electronic musicians from all over the world.  Laurie Anderson, the renowned performance artist is a headliner at the event, so Dave will be in esteemed company!

Dave has an interesting point of view relative to making, producing and listening to music.  He believes the next few years should prove an interesting passage for those who get their music through the internet and for those who make music.  All of his music is available for free download at his website!  While we live in challenging economic times, it’s an incredible time to be a musician, an artist or a writer with the changes in technology and platforms available to us.  It’s exciting to see the wave of innovation that is occurring again. Dave is a great example of a musician who’s determined to collaborate on music-making, but also passionate about producing and distributing his music without the help of a large music company.

Round about this time in our interview, I am wondering if Dave ever sleeps!

He then starts talking about his personal interests.  He chases storms every spring!  He is an avid Rock Hound!  He is a fish breeder!  He collects historic record memorabilia!  Dave and his son have developed an IPAD application to redirect surround sound!

If you’d like to learn more about this amazingly talented musician, sound technician and producer, check out the following web sites:





KUCB Mix Tape Sept 13, 1993 – Techno Acid 1

Here’s a fun cassette! This one was recorded on my KUCB show after I got back from my European trip with a new stack of records! Recorded September 13, 1993.

Techno Acid 1
Side -A- (52:55)

Speedy J – Ginger
Source – Squeeze
Spectral Emotions – Chiswick Days
Air Liquide – Revelation
Aurin – Spawn
Kosmik Kommando – UIY
Hardfloor – 7 am Trip
Resistance D – Emphasis
Virtual Industries – Toxic Waste

dj davealex - Techno Acid 1 Side A - Sept 13, 1993

Side -B- (53:10)

Insider – Destiny
F.U.S.E. – F.U.2
Ravesignal 3 – Horsepower
XVX II/Illuminatae – Our Mind
Cryptic Diffusion – M-Maybe
Norman – Cross The Limit
Gatorades – Dark Piano
C.J. Bolland – The 4th Sign
Up! – Nightflight
? – ?

dj davealex - Techno Acid 1 Side B - Sept 13, 1993

dj davealex - Techno Acid 2 - 1993