Mixtape: 30m – Chillimental circa 1994 – Experimental/Ambient

davealex - 30m series
Here was a radio show that I did, likely late night, that was more experimental/ambient.  In the spirit of the 30m series, here is 30+ minutes of ambient electronics.  Not sure of the exact date but I know it is 1994.


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  1. Drexciya – Bubble Metropolis (intro) (Underground Resistance, Detroit)
  2. Velocette – Untitled (Reflective, San Francisco)
  3. Aphex Twin – Windowsill (Warp, UK)
  4. Delerium – Inside the Chamber (Dossier, Germany)
  5. Klinik – Suffer In Silence (Antler Subway, Belgium)
  6. John Pfeiffer – Electronomusic (Drops / Moments) (RCA Victrola, USA)
  7. Locust – Lust (R&S, Belgium)

Tunes I wrote years ago! 94-era

I’ve been going through a big box of random cassette tapes from my formative years and pulling out great mix tapes and every now and then I re-discover an early track that I wrote. Here are several tracks that nearly got lost in time!

Here is a compilation of oldies but goodies (especially if you like the mid-90s electronic music sound)…

First is a track that I wrote with my first band partner, Thane Barrett, who I met while working at KUCB Radio. Thane had (has?) an amazing analog synthesizer collection and we definitely utilized it for this track. The track took 4 months and 10 versions to finish and it was the last thing that we did together. I’m pretty proud of this track as it was probably my 3rd or 4th track; but definitely the first one that was produced this well! Circa-1994.

The second track here is a trance ditty I wrote in 1994. This used Drummer 2.0 software which I loved as it allowed me to create and arrange patterns and songs quickly. Probably had the Roland Juno 106, R-8 and Oberheim Matrix (6 or 1000?). Not sure of the effects…Ensoniq DP-4?

The third track here was a project we called Statik (again Thane and I) as we constructed this track in the newly acquired high-tech equipment at the KUCB radio production studio. The one and only time I ever used Protools! Recorded with an Oberheim OB-1 with the Roland TR-606 running through the external filter input. Included are samples from our sample library (NASA stuff) on the first available Technics SL-P1200 DJ CD deck. Great vintage equipment!

Another track I found lost in a long forgotten folder in the archive…title says it all. Trying the HTML5 player for Soundcloud so let me know if you have problems with it!

Fun stuff! Enjoy!

30m Series – 1994 KUCB Trip Hop / Acid Jazz Mix

Wow, I’m impressed with myself as I have full documentation on this cassette tape.  This was on my late night radio show doing 90 minutes of Trip Hop and Chill Out music.  Note that I used the term “Trip Hop” before I actually heard the common genre term; so this is a bit different–downtempo beats and tripped out was my simple definition!  🙂  At the time I was playing a lot of ‘Mo Wax and other tunes on this cassette at the clubs because that was my alternative for top-40 hip-hop which is what many club go-ers wanted to hear.  This cassette has a bunch of classic tracks!

dj davealex - 1994 Trip Hop - KUCBdavealex – KUCB Trip Hop – Oct 2, 1994 – Part 1

dj davealex - 1994 Trip Hop - KUCBdavealex – KUCB Trip Hop – Oct 2, 1994 – Part 2

dj davealex - 1994 Trip Hop - KUCBdavealex – KUCB Trip Hop – Oct 2, 1994 – Part 3

Track List:

Attica Blues – Contemplating Jazz (Mo Wax)

Howie B vs Major Force – Time Has Come (Mo Wax)

u-ziq – Xolbe II (R&S)

Richard Kirk – World War III (Warp)

DJ Shadow & DJ Krush – Kemuri (Mo Wax)

Tournesol – Holy Cow (Apollo)

Eat Static – Abduction (Planet Dog)

DJ Shadow- Lost & Found (Mo Wax)

Overlords of the UFO – Imagine (Enlightenment)

Tranquility Bass – We Came In Peace (Exist Dance)

Attica Blues – Abstract Original (Mo Wax)

Scorn – Silver Rain Fell (Meat Beat Manifesto dub) (Earache)

Marden Hill – Up In Smoke (On Delancey Street)

Jazz Not Jazz – Keep On (New Breed)