30m Series – Electro 2010

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Winter gets lonely in Larkspur, so what better to do than make a high energy mix tape?  This one is true to the 30m series as it is right at 30 minutes long.  It contains some heavy hitting electro, so be prepared to clean off your hardwood floors or snag an appliance box from the dumpster; it’s time to dance!

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Davealex – 30m :: Electro 2010 by Davealex on Mixcloud

Download davealex – Electro Mix – 2010


Here is the track list:

Delta – De-escalation of Time (Electron Industries 1996)

Anthony Rother – Red Light District (Electrolux 1998)

Dopplereffekt – Scientist (Fascist State)  (Dataphysix Engineering Intl 1995)

Netzwerk Florida – Earth Wind Fire (PSI49NET 2002)

Subtonal – Brainsync – Imploding Thoughts EP (Electrolux 1999)