Multicast – La Honda [OBQ-08]

Multicast - La HondaThe A-side presents “La Honda (Live at SinFest 2000)”, showing Multicast’s improvisational prowess as taken from their NYC debut at the SiN Festival 2000. The interplay of three distinct voices interlocked with beautiful and shimmering melodies makes the run-of-the-mill electronic duo run and scatter for cover behind their lap-tops. Compare this track with the original studio recording found on last year’s “Rural Sessions” release and see for your selves.

The B-side contains a remix by the other Obliq mad scientist Crix Madine of the original “La Honda” recording. This lo-fi bastard out of the Multicast camp shows an early incarnation of what would become a “Rural Sessions” staple. “Crix Madine’s Glik Glok Mix” sounds like the inner-workings of an analog clock ticking away, producing waves of electro-static like a Tesla coil. Here we have another genre-blender soon to be dubbed Psychedelic Electro-funk.

Released in 2002 as part of the 4213 series.  500 blue 7″ vinyls released.  88 of these were available in the 4213 Box Set.

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NOTE:  HD 320kbps download available with OBQ-09 4213 release.

Multicast – Rural Sessions [OBQ-05]

Multicast - Rural SessionsFrom the rural outposts of Colorado return Obliq Recording artists’ Multicast with a long awaited new release-this time a full-length endeavor. The Multicast boys have been in the studio for almost a year now recording “Rural Sessions” and the word around the Obliq office is it was well worth the wait. This is a 74-minute excursion into expansive soundscapes, head-nodding rhythms, counter melodies and spot-on improvisational electronics. “Rural Sessions” takes a rather refreshing approach to leftfield electronic music, doing away with glitch based DSP programming and falls more into territories of improvisation and session based recording, incorporating DIY analog sound sources with digital synthesis. This should surely please listeners familiar with sounds close encounters of the musical variety like contemporary electronic artists and labels such as Suction, L’uisine, Eno, Nonplace Urban Fields (or Bernt Friedmann), Tortoise, and City-Centre-Offices; but Multicast ups the ante bringing melody back to the fore like a modern Global Communication in the wrestling-ring smacking down Boards of Canada.

These are album-centric tracks and much in league of previous Multicast EP’s. “Phosphene” kicks off the album with full-on epic strings and a spectrum of synthesized noises akin to the crackling of a Geiger counter. “Mr. Hz (Takes a Jazz Break)” is an improvisational piece containing atmospheric guitar work sparked by sci-fi beats that transition into a dark and dubby bass excursion. Originally appearing on the debut Obliq Recordings compilation, “Tropicalda” returns re-mixed and mastered with vibrant and warm existential ambience. Ballerica completes the puzzle with the missing corner pieces from your brothers record collection, by answering the question “What do surf-music, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream have in common besides driving on the Autobahn?” The track “La Honda” employs chromatic and disjointed beats that sound like wet jolts of electricity amplified through the lead pipes of the kitchen sink with beautiful shimmering guitar. “Way Station” explores imaginary airport terminal-like spaces with a backdrop of serene ambience and non-discernable intercom simulations. “Calisto (Solar Sailor)”, originally appearing on last year’s ultra limited 8 inch floppy disk release, is now properly included here in context of complete works from Multicast. Exclusive to the CD only and never before released, the original 24-minute version of “Laura” finishes off this album, which will undoubtedly please Multicast listeners. The 2xLP version contains a different, never before released atmospheric reprise of “Laura” not contained on the CD.

Full color packaging is presented in both formats. The first 500 vinyl pressings come in translucent smoked amber and smoked green. Second edition was 1,000 150 gram double vinyl. 1,000 CDs were gatefold. Released in 2001.

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Multicast Remix – PSI Performer (Anthony Rother)

PlayFirst of 2 CDs of remixes. “PSI Performer is Anthony Rother’s alter ego for experimental electronics, gets back to his roots on K2o records. About 30 remixers coming from different fields of electronic music rebuilt the PSI Performer original album in their very own ways. On five 12″ parts and two separate CD´s you can find some of the best and most innovative artists in electronic music. CD 1 includes the 14 best mixes of the first three remix EP´s + one CD exclusive mix by Calla. The line-up of this remix series sounds like a who is who in electronic music and is the perfect listening pleasure for all lovers of advanced electronics.” Remixes on this volume include: Multicast, Sender Berlin, Miss Dinky, Gimmik, Alexander Kowalski, Ovuca, John Tejada, Solvent, Calla, Wechsel Garland, Jake Mandell, Plod & Flowing (Thomas Fehlman).

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Multicast – Sympathen [OBQ-03]

Multicast - SympathenMulticast was informed that Thaddi Hermann had placed a review of their EP1 in the German magazine De-Bug. Trying desperately to translate the German review into English, Multicast piped the text through a natural language converter on the web. Although not fully translated, the review got Mutlicast motivated to write a track. Multicast took this pseudo-translated review and fed it to a text-to-speech converter on the web. With additional vocoder-ization and added hydraulic beats, Sympathen was born. A side note, Multicast still has no clue what “Sympathen” translates to in English! The flip side is a melodic disjunct beat groove that is best described as only Calisto (Solar Sailor). The 7″ release comes in unique packaging within an 8″ floppy diskette.

Released in 2000 in limited edition 8″ Retro Floppy Diskette packaging.  Hand numbered to 400 7″ vinyl records.

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Multicast – Iron Feather Journal #17 [OBQ-02]

Multicast - Iron Feather Journal #17In a collaboration between Iron Feather Journal and Obliq Recordings this joint release is a 3 track Multicast EP and 40+ page Journal. The journal is packed pull of music information including exclusive interviews with Obliq Recordings, Atom Heart, Robert Anton Wilson, plus others! Interesting articles including the Hacking for Y2K guide, fiction from Mandrake Press, DIY Lawnmover Generator and many more. The Multicast EP includes an exclusive remix of Equivii by m-tec of Pitchcadet Records.

Released in 1999, 1,000 10″ records with Iron Feather Journal #17 magazine included.  Limited number on gray vinyl. 

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Multicast Debug EP [OBQ-01]

Multicast EPFeatures 4 tracks including an exclusive remix from Amber Industries International Records artist Accelera Deck. Covers were hand numbered and silk-screened on various colored paper stock. Also released was a video to Hall of the Inverted Mushrooms.

Released in 1998 in a hand silk screened limited edition run of 500 12″.

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