Chase: June 7, 2012. Palmer Divide – Calhan Tornado

After yesterday’s strange and incredible lightning and hail storms today was shaping up to be another severe day.  The NWS ended up putting a Tornado Watch box over the NE corner of the state at 11:00 am; it was muggy due to the moisture from yesterday and more coming that was trapped in the Front Range area due to fronts, and an upper air disturbance was passing over giving some extra lift.  Shear and helicity all looked good for supercells and potential tornadoes.

I left about 2:00 and headed east on Hwy86 as my target was Kiowa, or more like Agate/Byers area.  I wanted to sit on the north side of the divide and chase whatever fired from there.  As soon as I was past Kiowa a promising cell started to form right around Byers.  On my way there two other cells started to form to the SW–although these didn’t show up on radar they were looking really nice; but I went for the maturing cell and stopped on Hwy 36 about 10 miles east of Byers.

NOTE:  Click on any picture for an enlarged and higher resolution version (they look better larger). 

Supercell of the day as I was approaching from Kiowa.

As I was watching the storm east of Byers, this hit me.

The cell was back building and went tornado warned near Byers.  I was expecting the cell to take off and I was in good position for that; but it ended up moving south.  I then jetted toward Deer Trail and eventually to Agate and south towards Hwy 86.  I figured I could get to Simla or even Ramah if the storm continued due South where the road network gets better.

Between Deer Trail and Agate the large flat rain free base produced rotation and a funnel cloud.  It also produced some amazing texture in the anvil/downdraft of the storm!

Great texture in the coulds with another cell to the south!

Funnel cloud formed SW of Agate

On my way south past Agate, the front end of the storm looked very suspicious and as I was driving it looked like a tornado could be occuring.  There was a tornado reported but I didn’t know this until afterwards; but I did take this shot of the scud.

Inflow/Outflow SW of Agate; I believe I saw a tornado around this time.

I traveled south to Hwy 86 (near where I started) and then west to the road to Simla.  I wanted to get to the road to Ramah, but there was no way without entering the core.  I traveled south until Simla and got some amazing, and I mean amazing, structure shots.  At this time there was a tornado down but I did not see anything from my vantage point.


This was a monster…and the structure was incredible!


Backhalf of this supercell; it was huge!


Looking Southeast…


This supercell was tornado warned at this time.


Incredible structure. Could that have been the tornado the sirens were blaring for?


Storm structure remains incredible as the storm heads towards Calhan.


Repositioned to stay ahead of the supercell!


Awesome structure, still!


Tail cloud plus incredible vault! Love the blue veins!

I then headed SW of Simla and chased until near dark.  I saw a funnel which ended up being a the Calhan Tornado.  I was able to chase about a mile east of the core for a while until I decided I needed to book it south to beat the core going west on 94 into Colorado Springs.  I ended up a little slow (due to the fast developing cell on the west side of this beast) and got into some golf ball sized hail.  The cell that formed over NE Colorado Springs also put down some half dollar sized hail.


Calhan tornado behind the rain!


Calhan tornado June 7 2012


Just after the tornado – I got back in front of the storm


Great structure in this supercell all day!


Overall, great day.  Saw two tornadoes, a ghostly mothership, and had a fantastic chase!

Cherokee Oklahoma Selenite – Spring 2012

We’ve been wanting to do this trip for a while; so we decided to embark on a long 3-day weekend trip with my dad and my kids to go Selenite digging in the Great Salt Plains in North-central Oklahoma.  I did some calling around and because of the oil boom and the Wynoka Rattlesnake Festival no hotels were available except in Enid; so we opted for a place in neighboring Anthony Kansas–the Anthony Motel & Cafe.

The Cafe was closed and I think we were the only non-oil industry guests at the motel; but it was nice enough…we got the Harley room so who could ask for more? Got there Friday evening and hung out in the room and went to bed early.  Drove south to Cherokee OK on Saturday morning and headed out to the Salt Plains.  Being a storm chaser as well; I was amazed that we were in the center of the high risk area; so we kept our eye open for building storms all day…

The wind was brutal; about a 30-40 mile southerly wind all day that picked up about 3:00pm…so we decided we had enough digging and decided to leave.  Of course, like everyone else, we lost several things that blew out of the back of the truck and we couldn’t catch them it was blowing so hard!

We dug all day and found that the Selenites were a couple of inches below the ground.  Hunter discovered that if you dug near the standing water you’d find crystals right away.  They said to dig a hole in the sand, let it fill with water (we are at the water table) and then use a bucket or can to wash the sand from the walls.  This did work and crystals did fall into the murky, sandy water; but we discovered that the Crystals exist right at the interface between the sand and clay usually; so we ended up just digging horizontal about 3″ below that interface and then pulling out the crystals on the top of the sand rather than in the water…seemed quicker and easier.  You can either set out the crystals in the wind to dry; or just toss them in a bucket…we did both.

There appeared to be several types of crystals.  Those that formed in the sand, we called them “Sandy”.  Those that formed in the clay that were larger and brownish.  Those that formed in clay that were bow-ties of sand in clear crystals, we called them “bow ties”.  Those that formed in both sand and clay; we called them “changlings”.

Note that digging this way you have to be careful with your shovel as it is easy to break or bend it…we bent one of ours and another person there broke their metal shovel.  The clay is stiff and heavy; so go easy.  Daphne discovered the “motherload” of the day which put us into the great clusters and bow-tie crystals…of course this was just before we wanted to leave so we ended up staying an extra hour…but it was worth it.

Storm Prediction Center issues a high risk; we were in the center of it!

Storm Prediction Center issues a high risk; we were in the center of it!

We went home and saw the storms forming on radar…the ones that looked to impact our location of Anthony were at the time near Woodward, OK; which is where several folks died.  The storm directly impacted Cherokee where we were all day (note that when we drove through every carwash and other bay was taken by cars already).  I decided not to chase the storms given I was with the family and in Erin’s truck (hail damage was not an option; plus some of the side dirt roads would not be good in her car) so we decided to hang out in Anthony.  About dark; the storm came through and we took refuge in the local funeral home basement; which was the normal storm shelter after the sirens started blaring!  The kids got a good experience of what it is like to be a citizen in tornado prone areas (they’ve been on several chases with me prior…so they know that side too; which isn’t as scary).  The twister went about 4 miles SE of town on its way to Wichita.

On the way home Daphne wanted to see “tornado damage” so I chose a route to put us through where I read there were touch-downs.  We saw some damage near Hudson which was relatively minor; albeit still scary!

Overall a great trip, some amazing crystals and chased by a storm on a high risk day in the heart of tornado alley! Great fun!

Rural small town propaganda.  Obama Care wasn't popular with this guy and his junk

Rural small town propaganda. Obama Care wasn’t popular with this guy and his junk

Rural propaganda

Rural propaganda

Our hotel in Anthony Kansas, the "Harley Room"

Our hotel in Anthony Kansas, the “Harley Room”

Just south of Cherokee, Oklahoma

Just south of Cherokee, Oklahoma

Entrance to the state park

Entrance to the state park

Driving into the salt flats; used to be trees and winter wheat everywhere...

Driving into the salt flats; used to be trees and winter wheat everywhere…

Just in case you dig up some old military heirlooms

Just in case you dig up some old military heirlooms

Tornadic storm after the core passed just south and east of Anthony.

Tornadic storm after the core passed just south and east of Anthony.

Tornado thrown sheet metal into a power line

Tornado thrown sheet metal into a power line

Some of the nicer clusters of bowtie selenite

Some of the nicer clusters of bowtie selenite

More clusters of selenite

More clusters of selenite

Nice bowtie selenites

Nice bowtie selenites

Cool cluster of selenite

Cool cluster of selenite

We brought home two classifiers filled with crystals!

We brought home two classifiers filled with crystals!

Some of the nice selenite finds

Some of the nice selenite finds

Interesting selenite crystals, not the normal "bowtie" blades

Interesting selenite crystals, not the normal “bowtie” blades

Cool clusters of selenite

Cool clusters of selenite

Some of the larger bowtie selenite crystals

Some of the larger bowtie selenite crystals

List of Tornados I’ve Witnessed

Someone asked me about all the twisters I have seen and it got me thinking back on all of those good times. I decided to write down this list as it seems with the passing years I have a more difficult time remembering each one of them. I have photos and videos for most of the new ones; and have a couple of photos of the older ones somewhere; hopefully someday I’ll dig those out of my folks photo albums.

July 1977 South of Johnstown

From the deck of my hometown house we could see a landspout looking structure south of town (we were on the north side; about 5 blocks and over a slight hill is the southern end of town–so we saw it clear in the sky south of town). Dad immediately grabbed our neighbor Wayne (who is a photo genius) and we headed out in my dad’s old truck to check it out. My first chase!

I was starting to see it over the hill when Wayne told my dad to turn around as it was spinning right on us. I looked up and saw the swirl in the clouds that I will see many times throughout my life. That ended my first chase as a kid! I’ve been absolutely hooked since.

April 1983? Key Largo Florida waterspout

Still verifying the date; will have to cross-reference from vacation pictures someday at my folks place.

This was a fun story; it was stormy at our hotel on the beach in Key Largo, FL and I was on the beach. I saw a funnel come down into the ocean many miles away. I got excited and went to fetch a camera in the hotel room. I was sprinting up the stairwell steps and accidentally ran into a lady walking the other way; I missed her, mostly, and I apologized profusely; when asked the reason I was in “such a hurry” I said to fetch a camera for the twister. She told me how I didn’t know what I was talking about; “this is not tornado weather, I am from Kansas I should know”. She went on and on telling me how stupid I was, meanwhile I was missing the show! I couldn’t take it anymore and said sorry and bolted off to fetch the camera. By the time I arrived at the beach again, it was gone…I’m sure it was gone when she checked it out too, knowing my luck! Crazy kid!

June 1987? landspout west of Johnstown (called 911) (filmed on betamax)

This one was cool. I was hanging out with a buddy Dave and he was splitting for dinner; walking him to his car we looked west directly up the street and I saw a funnel behind the trees beyond the end of town. I saw the dim outline of landspout dust near the ground. I ran inside and grabbed my Dad’s Beta-max video recorder and filmed this cool tornado for about a minute or two before it was completely obscured by the trees.

I called 911 and the lady said she wouldn’t raise the sirens unless someone else called it in. I had no clue of NWS at the time and wasn’t an official spotter, so my only experience listening to Dad’s fire department pager was to call 911. Because of the lengthy conversation with 911 I missed some of the tornado, but still got a little on video tape.

July 1987? Milliken / Gilcrest landspout (in clouds) (filmed on Beta-max)

This one was sweet. I went outside for some reason and looked up at the clouds and they were dark and dreary. I got my Dad’s Beta-max camera, got on my bike and rode to the far eastern edge of town (about 3/4 mile away). I filmed this incredible skinny tube that made it half-way to the ground did a 180 degree U-turn and then started back up. It disappeared into the clouds so all there was a U shaped rope!

Then I noted several miles to the north it came back down to the ground kicking up some dirt from the fields. What crazy structure! I’d estimate it was directly north of Milliken at this time in the Big Thompson River valley. I ran to my friend’s house that lived right there and called 911; then we watched in the field across the street from his house until it roped out. I got some sweet video, probably 10 minutes worth on tape! Oh, and once again, 911 wouldn’t officially run the sirens in town unless the sheriff gave a confirmation, which didn’t happen. Luckily no damage was done that I heard of.

Got about 10 minutes on video tape. Nice mix tape so far, the one above too and a funnel from another storm! NOTE: The whereabouts of this tape is unknown. I don’t know if my mom donated the tapes or perhaps it got recorded over (I reviewed most of our old tapes in my college days and didn’t find this particular one, bummer!), so I’ve never heard or seen of these storms since. Keep an eye out at some thrift store near you!

Spring 1990. Officially trained and certified with National Weather Service as a storm spotter. I went with my dad at the training in Greeley in about 1990. That was a great and useful course; I still refer back to the manual they gave us for storm structure schematics!

June 15, 1990?89? ( Colorado National Speedway. I think the year is wrong, they say 97 in the article; I remember Fathers Day, 1989, 90, 91 timeframe? Perhaps a different storm? Any ideas? Father Days landed on: Jun 18 89, Jun 17 90, Jun 16 91, Jun 21 92, Jun 20 93, Jun 19 94

This one is pure luck. We were sitting down for dinner on the Fathers Day or similar celebration dinner with my family (don’t remember the exact year, the one in the article is not the correct storm). I looked out the dining room window towards the south and saw the evil looking finger in the sky far south of town. I only saw it for about a minute before it was obstructed by houses. Since we were in the middle of dinner; no one shared my enthusiasm to run out and chase it. Heard it reported over the police/fire scanner and later the news said a tornado was by Colorado National Speedway, I believe it tore up a couple of trash cans, maybe some of the stands. I’m still researching, if you remember this twister and any details of it give me a shout.

March 23, 1996; Jefferson County Airport inflow band touchdown

This one was way cool; but this was before I carried some kind of camera with me. I was driving home to Boulder from work in Golden. Along Hwy 93 intersection of McCasulin at the open space parking lot I parked and checked out the eerie clouds. However, in the nice inflow structure/tail a little section started to swirl, you know, the good swirl in the clouds that can only mean one thing. I estimate less than 15 seconds later there was a nice funnel cloud.

The funnel came down and hit the grounds somewhere probably West or a bit NW of Jeffco Airport. There was a tornado in Boulder that day too that was very photogenic; but the one I saw wasn’t it. Another person pulled into the parking lot to go mountain biking and he saw the tail end of it too! It was about 8 minutes later the guy in the bike arrived. The tornado had just roped out before he got there…and he didn’t believe us on how close it was to him.

I drove by Nate’s place in Broomfield and knocked on the door. He answered the door and had a surprised look on his face. I snagged him and we chased the storm. My sister took this when the storm was out west of Fort Lupton, the only shot of that storm that I know of.

Jefferson County Colorado Supercell March 1996.

Jefferson County Colorado Supercell March 1996.

So, I got tired of getting pelted with hail, so I purchased a Baron WX Mobile Threat Net Weather station for the car; only went out in college periodically because I was so busy all the time and couldn’t see the storms out far east of town. After working at NOAA in Boulder I realized that technology is it and after the last storm I was hooked again! Because of work constraints, however, I didn’t really get to go out much until the late 90s. Instead I watched storms over the internet and see what my target would have looked like. I learned a lot and did this for years. Here are some shots of the dash of my chase vehicle.

After learning “DaBaron” I wanted to try it out; but loved the idea of being driven around the plains, staying at a nice, clean hotel and getting up and predicting the weather each morning. This was on the Silver Lining Tours Master Class tour. 10 days on the plains, learning weather (got some nice software and skills on the trip). Was a great time; I have a DVD if you want to swap one of yours.

Here is my tour summary.

Here is the Silver Lining Tours summary.

June 7 2005 South Dakota badlands, SW of Wanblee SD, Jackson County

Jackson County Tornado June 7 2005

Jackson County Tornado June 7 2005

June 9, 2005. Hill City Kansas #0 (This was reported to the NWS by the folks I was with; he was a NWS employee, but this picture isn’t that great).

Hill City Tornado, June 9, 2005

Hill City Tornado, June 9, 2005

June 9, 2005.  Hill City Kansas #1 (Truncated Cone)

Hill City Tornado June 9, 2005

Hill City Tornado June 9, 2005

June 9, 2005.  Hill City Kansas #2 (The infamous tornado)

Hill City Tornado June 9, 2005

Hill City Kansas Tornado June 9, 2005

June 9 2005 Palco Kansas

Palco Tornado, June 9, 2005

Palco Tornado, June 9, 2005

June 9 2005 Damar Kansas double twister

Damar Double Tornado June 9, 2005

Damar Double Tornado June 9, 2005

June 9 2005 Ellis County Kansas

Ellis County Tornado, June 9, 2005

Ellis County Tornado, June 9, 2005

June 11 2005 Caprock Texas (or was it 10th)

Caprock Tornado, June 11, 2005

Caprock Tornado, June 11, 2005

June 12 2005 sw of Jayton Texas (Kent Co) #1

Kent County Twister #1

Kent County Twister #1

June 12 2005 SW of Jayton Texas (Kent Co) #2

Kent County Tornado, June 12, 2005

Kent County Tornado, June 12, 2005

June 12 2005 SW of Girard Texas #3 multivortex

Kent County Multi-vortex June 12, 2005

Kent County Multi-vortex June 12, 2005

June 12 2005 SW of Girard Texas #3


June 12 2005 Jayton/Hamlin Texas #4

Hamlin Tornado, June 12, 2005

Hamlin Tornado, June 12, 2005

June 14 2005 Trego Center Kansas Mothership (this was confirmed by Doppler on Wheels that was right next to us)

Trego County Tornado, June 14, 2005

Trego County Toranado, June 14, 2005

What a great learning experience! Much quicker than learning it without for sure! I had a blast and I highly recommend Silver Lining Tours!

(((Doing what I could I got in some chasing in 2006 and 2007; but work schedule prevented me from doing too many chases; thus no tornados but many great structure, lightning and storm photos!)))

May 22 2008 Hoxie Kansas

This is the same day as the Windsor tornado. I was past Sebert and didn’t think I’d make it back to the Front Range, especially since the storm was moving Northwest (huh?). Kansas was supposed to go bonkers on two consecutive days…I chose to chase western Kansas!

I ended up in good position on a Tornado Warned storm but needed to hold out for the core to cross the road; this was west of Hoxie Kansas and I didn’t think it wise to core-punch this beast. That ended up being a very wise move! I pulled off in the field entrance and watched several storm chasers get ditched on a slick-as-ice road (I tried it and backed up). I got just a couple of still shots that are quite Photoshop-ed to get good contrast; it was a HP supercell day! Immediately when the cell passed the road I headed east to get into great position, but ended up stopped by downed power lines (and a roof) across the road. The power lines were snapped in 3 or 4 segments, wow! It seemed so cruel to me for the Mother Nature to blow away two of the homes in the middle of no-where–miles and miles of nothing in every direction! The tornado was pretty big from the video I’ve seen, I think I saw it beginning to rope out and come out of its rain-wrapped environment.

Hoxie Tornado May 22, 2008

Hoxie Tornado May 22, 2008

June 15 2009 Elbert County Colorado #1
It was Daphne’s 5th birthday and I worked from home so I could go out and chase this day. I targeted the Palmer Divide and assumed action would start around 3pm. I was waiting for my new HD video camera to be delivered. The moment UPS arrived the storm of the day was passing over; so I hopped in the car and headed out. About 7 miles from home I caught this awesome supercell; chased it to Colby Kansas and saw the best stuff here! Amazing that the battery came charged enough to take this amazing video!

Elbert County #1, June 15, 2009

Elbert County #1, June 15, 2009

June 15 2009 Elbert County Colorado #2

Elbert County #2, June 15, 2009

Elbert County #2, June 15, 2009

June 15 2009 Elbert County Colorado #3 (plus satellite #4)

It then dissipated as you see in the video; but a need then comes back out of the cloud. The video is six to eight times sped up, so this was about 30 minutes of video if I remember correctly). The original funnel had left and I couldn’t detect much rotation; but then a needle came back down probably out of the same Meso-structure; very cool. I then took off to go after it. I drove through Elbert County and over one hill I saw a huge funnel with a sattelite tornado around it. I can’t confirm these were on the ground; I didn’t have a good shot and was hoping around the next turn there would be one but there wasn’t. So I only got a shot while driving which wasn’t so good (the focus was on driving at that time). I followed it to Colby KS; had an exciting encounter with hail and incredible (and scary) structure.

Elbert County #3, June 15, 2009

Elbert County #3, June 15, 2009

Elbert County #4 Satellite, June 15, 2009

Elbert County #4 Satellite, June 15, 2009

Music in the following by my band, Multicast…

June 7, 2012:  Palmer Divide / Agate Tornado

I what appeared to be a brief tornado but because I couldn’t confirm rotation from my location I figured it was just scud.  But after watching some other chaser’s video I realized that I did witness a tornado between Agate and Deer Trail on this monsterous supercell.  I was driving at the time so I don’t have a picture or video.

June 7, 2012:  Simla, CO Torando

I had gained good position on this amazing structure supercell and it was tornado warned as it headed NW of Simla.  From my vantage point I couldn’t 100% confirm a tornado but after confirmation from other chaser video and accounts I do believe I saw a tornado; and the position of the tornado was consistent in the meso as the later Calhan tornado.

Funnel embedded in rain core, NW of Simla Co June 7, 2012

Funnel embedded in rain core, NW of Simla Co June 7, 2012


June 7, 2012.  Calhan tornado.

As I was driving I saw a funnel form but there was no good place to pull off the road at the time; so I continued to watch while the funnel grew in size.  I eventually was able to pull over and got some cool shots as the funnel drifted into the rain core.  Later video capture shows the funnel back-lit by lightning.  Although I never did see the funnel reach the ground; chasers closer to the storm did confirm and there was damage.  I was trying to stay in front of the storm to capture structure shots so I wasn’t as close as others.

June 7, 2102 Calhan, CO Tornado as it drfited into the rain core

June 7, 2012 Calhan CO Torando as it drifed into the rain core

 August 10, 2013.

It’s ALWAYS exciting to visit the San Luis Valley; there are dust devils every time; and as you guessed it, I’m not picky, I love dust devils! We went down to the Gator Farm during our Ruby Mountain camping trip; as we were eating lunch I looked off to the NW down the driveway and saw a beautiful landspout. Of course, I had already put my camera away; so I trucked it down to the truck and grabbed the equipment.

I was able to get this twister as it backed into the rain and then became obscured. It was so much better earlier in its life; but I’m just glad to have gotten a picture to remember it by! Saw a bunch of gustnadoes this day too; but this one was official!

July 28, 2014 – Rocky Mountain Arsenal landspout

Full detail here.  Sitting at work and seeing the lighting, I got up and looked out the window to be treated to a funnel and eventually landspout tornado right outside of my office window!

Great short chase, less than 20 feet and no driving required! :)

Great short chase, less than 20 feet and no driving required! 🙂

Summary. That’s it for the official count. I have seen lots of wall clouds, funnels, swirls, gust-nadoes, etc; but I only count them if I can confirm it is a tornado (and I call that into the weather service). In the last several years I’ve not seen any “official” twisters but I have seen many situations that were highly suspect…just couldn’t confirm rotation or ground debris usually because I was in bad position relative to that part of the storm. I’ve also been on many storms with confirmed tornadoes but just in the wrong place; part of the fun of chasing!

Can’t wait for the next season!!!

2005 Tornado Tour – Silver Lining Tours’ Master Class journal

I had been wanting to take a tornado tour ever since they were first offered; the thought of not having to drive and get to see how hard-core storm chasers travel everywhere sounded great; and this company had the “Master Class Tour” which was a severe storm forecasting class at the same time as a tour! Perfect!
Here is the original journal I posted with pictures while on the tour to communicate back to loved ones and friends! What a great trip and opportunity!

Day 1 – Jackson County SD Badlands Twister
Day 2 – NE Kansas/Missouri Supercells
Day 3 – NW Kansas Tornadofest
Day 4 – Oklahoma & Texas Panhandle Supercells
Day 5 – Texas Panhandle Caprock Twister
Day 6 – Texas Panhandle Twisters
Day 7 – Iowa Supercell
Day 8 – Lectures, Forecasting and recharging
Day 9 – Trego County Mothership

Books I’ve read in the last couple years…

With a 50 minute (minimum) commute each way to work, I have an opportunity to listen to audiobooks like I’ve never had before. Thus I was able to read more books in 2010 than pretty much my whole life combined! Some of the books go back to the latter months of 2009; I don’t remember exactly when I read which books; but I wanted to include them all so I didn’t forget about them!

Dan Brown Books:

Dan Brown - Angels and Demons Dan Brown - DaVinci Code Dan Brown - Digital Fortress Dan Brown -The Lost Symbol Dan Brown - Deception Point

As anyone who has read Dan Brown knows, he packs a lot of excitement into his books and also presents very interesting “historical” perspective (although how much is actual history is masked and center of heated debate! Awesome!) Ask your pastor to argue this point :). I really like these books; especially Angels and Demons and The Lost Symbol. I actually really appreciate the “conspiracy theory” angle that Dan writes from as I believe it inspires some interesting soul searching and can challenge much of the basis of what people believe, regardless of what you believe! I highly recommend any of these books!

Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth Series Books:

Terry Goodkind - Wizards First Rule Terry Goodkind - Stone of Tears Terry Goodkind - Blood of the Fold Terry Goodkind - Debt of Bones
Terry Goodkind - Temple Of The Winds Terry Goodkind - Soul Of The Fire Terry Goodkind - Faith of the Fallen Terry Goodkind - The Pillars Of Creation Terry Goodkind - Naked Empire
Terry Goodkind - Chainfire Terry Goodkind - Phantom Terry Goodkind - Confessor Terry Goodkind - The Law of Nines

I have finally finished off this series, a total of 12 books (so far). These are LONG books, over 6000 pages for the books listed above. For those that are unfamiliar with this fantasy series, a good synopsis of the series and each book can be found via Wikipedia. I really like Terry Goodkind’s writing style; the story offers a level of detail that keeps coming back and made me wonder how much time he spent mapping out all the fine details prior to writing the book(s); it all made sense and was quite intricate at times. He also had nice twist and turns in the story to keep things interesting.

I also watched the made-for-TV series based on these books (done by Sam Raimi which was awesome) called Legend of the Seeker which aired for two seasons. I actually discovered the TV series 2 weeks before it was completed; I was channel surfing and stopped on the fantasy-based show and recognized the story right away (although it was significantly different that the books, especially season 2, but still fun to watch). My kids loved it!

The Law of Nines books wasn’t part of this series, but definitely was linked to the series which was cool.

C.J. Box Books:

C.J. Box - Blue Heaven C.J. Box - Blood Trail C.J. Box - Below Zero C.J. Box - Free Fire C.J. Box - In Plain Sight
C.J. Box - Open Season C.J. Box - Out Of Range C.J. Box - Three Weeks to Say Goodbye C.J. Box - No Where To Run C.J. Box - Cold Wind

My folks bought me Blood Trail for Christmas as they thought I’d like it. I did, very much. C.J. Box is a writer out of Wyoming that writes rural thrillers. Blood Trail is one of the Joe Pickett series, much like Dan Brown always having Robert Langdon as the main protagonist. Joe Pickett is a Game Warden that get caught up in murders and other thrilling adventures. Blue Heaven was a stand alone book (not in the Pickett series) based on two kids that witness a murder and then have to run for their lives. Below Zero is about a environmental nut and Chicago mobster who kidnap a girl and take her along for their environmental redemption spree! I look forward to reading more C.J. Box this year!

Other Authors:

Dan Suarez - Daemon Thomas Hager - The Demon Under The Microscope Bill Maher - When you ride ALONE you ride with bin Laden Steve Grody - Graffiti L.A. Amal Naj - Peppers: A Story of Hot Pursuits Tipping Point
Found Magazine #3 Found Magazine #4 Found Magazine #5 Martin Dugard - Last Voyage of Columbus Markus Zusak - The Book Thief Vince Flynn - Pursuit of Honor

Daemon by Dan Suarez is a cyber thriller about a video game tycoon that upon his death sends the video game objects into the real world. Erin read it too and said it is guy’s book; not much to offer from a girl’s perspective; and I guess I can see this in a couple of the scenes of the book; but overall I think this was a fun cyber-thriller!

The Demon Under the Microscope I really enjoyed as it talked about the drug industry before and during the invent of Sulfa anti-biotic drugs. This was a wonderful historical record of how medicine truly changed the world! Likewise The Last Voyage of Columbus was a great insight on what being a pioneer was all about!

My friend Natalie said I had to read the Book Thief and it was a wonderful book accounting the life in Nazi Germany of a adopted girl who had hard luck worse than anyone I know through hiding a Jew and learning to read while facing what was going on in Nazi Germany. A wonderful book!

Bill Maher’s book I have to admit I bought for the cover…I like propaganda and that was a spoof on a very popular poster! The book is quite good; well thought out and in the typical Bill Maher style.

Graffiti L.A. is a very comprehensive history of Graffiti in L.A. Lots of wonderful pictures as well.

Found Magazine is awesome; my sister gave me this for Christmas. These books are just found letters and such that people send to this magazine and they publish them. I have submitted some stuff I’ve found to the magazine; but nothing has been published as of yet.

The Peppers book was great as it told the history of cultivation of Peppers, search for peppers roots and where they came from, modern pepper genetics, and how Tasbasco company was lame early on in defeating its competition with politics rather than other means.

Weather Books:

Mike Nelson - Colorado Weather Almanac Mark Svenvold - Big Weather Tornadoes of the US Storm Chaser Weather
Cloud Study Adventures in Tornado Alley

Mike Nelson’s Colorado Weather Almanac is an absolute must read for anyone interested in weather, especially Colorado weather. After reading the book you can understand how the weather guys often get the weather forecast completely wrong!

Tornadoes of the United States by Snowden D Flora is from 1958 (2nd printing) and is a great look at Tornadoes back when we knew nearly nothing about them. Great statistics and information about outbreaks in the first half of the 20th century. I’m currently reading his book Hail Storms of the United States.

Cloud Study is a neat old book reprinted in 1960 that talks about clouds and their formation. This has some great older photos and is a fun read.

Weather is an awesome coffee table book; I bought this at the National Storm Chaser Conference back in 2009 with the Hunt for the Red Sprite DVD. Adventures in Tornado Alley has wonderful pictures from Nebraska storm chaser Mike Hollingshead and is the UK version (Hardback was not available here in the US). Jim Reed’s book is also great and full of wonderful photographs.

Nancy Mathis book has a lot of information about tornado research pioneer Ted Fujita and details the F5 Moore OK tornado from May 3, 1999.

Rockhounding Books:

Richard M. Pearl - Colorado Gem Trails and Mineral Guide Richard M. Pearl - Colorado Gem Trails and Mineral Guide Revised Stephen M Voynick - Colorado Rockhounding Kirk Johnson - Cruisin The Fossil Freeway James R. Mitchell - Gem Trails of Colorado
William Cappele - Rockhounding Colorado William and Cora Cappele - Rockhounding Colorado Revised William Cappele - The Rockhounds Guide to Colorado Judy Hall - The Crystal Bible Drills and Mills

Between my dad and myself we were able to pick up many rockhounding books, a couple had several editions. It was nice to read the older editions as there sometimes was information available that was not available in the newer editions. The best guide of the lot was Voynicks Rockhounding Colorado, although I enjoyed all of them.

Kirk Johnson’s book Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway was a great book joining him on a “road trip” around the high plains in search of fossils. Great illustrations too.

I read several other mining and colorado rock books but don’t remember the names; I believe my dad has these so perhaps someday I’ll add them to the list.

Music Books:

Siouxsie: The Authorised Biography M. Fish and D. Hallbery - Cabaret Voltaire: The Art of the Sixth Sense Trevor Pinch and Frank Trocco - Analog Days Albert Glinsky - Theremin: Ether Music and Espionage Freddy Fresh presents The Rap Records Handbook The Man Called Cash When Giants Walked the Earth

Analog Days was a wonderful book taking a look at the early days of Robert Moog and the invention of his synthesizer. It followed the business describing the other companies and competition and gave an overall wonderful history of the evolution of Analog Synthesizers.

Theremin was an incredible book detailing the life of a Russian spy masked by very early electronic music! A must read for anyone interested in propaganda and electronic music!

The Cabaret Voltaire and Siouxsie biographies were a great look into the early days of these influential bands in the late 70’s England!

I was introduced to Freddy Fresh on his record label Analog Records. This was harder edged analog acid techno from the early 90s! He was an avid collector (like me) of analog synthesizers and modulars and I loved his work. I didn’t realize until reading through this guide that he was so versed in early hip-hop/rap music. Definitely a cool guide to records that started the genre.

That’s about it; and that’s a bunch of books; especially for me!

Chase: Elizabeth Tornado June 15, 2009

What a great day.  Here is a chase log for the tornadic supercell that started in Larkspur!  Saw two tornadoes and followed the storm into Western Kansas.

First and foremost, Happy Birthday Daphne!

There was a moderate risk issued by the SPC for much of Kansas today, and that was my initial target, but I got a late start as I was awaiting UPS to deliver my new HD Canon VIXIA HF-20 camcorder, I’ve been anxious to check this baby out!  What a day to do it!  Eastern Colorado was in a Slight Risk area.  Note that at the end of this document I have a YouTube URL of some of the video footage I took, make sure and check that out too!

I left home about 12:30 and looking north I saw some awesome convection, so I immediately chose to go to my favorite spot about 10 miles east with a 360 view.  The storm was definitely looking great and it was severe thunderstorm warned, here is what I saw from my house…

Larkspur supercell

Storm exploding as I was leaving my driveway

Here is what I saw when I got to my favorite spot…this is looking over west Parker.

North of Larkspur

Looking north from Larkspur area, starting to hail.

Again, the radar showed that this storm was Severe warned, my guess is for hail (as seen in the above picture) but I haven’t looked at the warning yet.  Notice on the Baron unit that it shows some rotation on the southern section of the storm, about 5 miles to my east (I’m the little white car in the center of the radar, the “yellow rings” denote 10 miles radius from my GPS location!!

Elbert County Radar

Radar showing the cell as it entered Elbert County

Then, out of the northern section of the storm this formation formed.  It was not really rotating, at least not enough to get excited about, but it was really cool looking!  I got the tripod setup and the camcorder recording.  I have some great footage of this formation (time lapsed it is awesome) of the storm.


Great formation; no rotation even though it looks like a funnel

Meanwhile, looking back at the radar, the southern end of this storm was really starting to churn.  Could this be a lucky day to see a tornado?  I was hopeful at this time!  Still no tornado warning or watch box, both that would be issued in the next 30 minutes.

Radar when rotation was visible

Storm starting to curl up and rotate on the southern flank. I called the NWS and reported quick rotation.

Then, I noticed the rotation in the southern flank of the storm.  It started just below cloud level and creeped down towards the ground.  It was about 6-7 miles away at this time.  I called the NWS at this time to report a funnel cloud and the intense rotation.  This was taken at 1:28pm.  So far, I’m about 7 miles from home on this chase! 😉

Funnel forming

Funnel forming.

Slowly but surely the funnel took a typical funnel shape.  This reminds me of the funnel I saw in the Badlands of South Dakota in 2005 and the one in extreme SW Nebraska on June 1 this year.  I couldn’t confirm that it was on the ground yet, though, as the hill was in the way, so I was still calling this a funnel.

Funnel slowly forming

Structure is awesome, funnel was slowly forming

The funnel slowly started to get bigger so by this time it was nice and fat.  I can’t confirm if it was on the ground yet or not.  I was hearing eye-witnesses at the time on the radio saying it was a HUGE tornado.  All I can say it was taking its time and it was something amazing to watch!

Nice funnel cloud

Nice funnel cloud

Guessing, I would say it is on the ground now.  This shot was taken at 1:40pm.

Debris on the ground

I could finally see debris on the ground

It is definitely on the ground now, I can see the debris cloud.  This was taken at

Tornado roping out

Tornado roping out

Yet another look at the tornado as it was bouncing up and down from within the cloud, but the whole time I observed debris swirling on the ground even though at times I couldn’t even see a funnel!

Second tornado

Second tornado

The tornado went out of view because of the rain and thus forced me to actually chase this storm! 😉  I jetted down to HWY 83 and then east on my favorite back roads towards Elbert.  At one point when there wasn’t buttes in the way I could see a rotating funnel.

Third and forth tornado

Third and forth tornado

Then this funnel occluded and another tornado formed just to the NE of it.  I had one better view of the tornado just before this, it was a bit fatter but driving and taking a picture I haven’t mastered yet, so I only got the clouds above it.

The chase

Trying to catch up to the storm as it continues to put down tornadoes

I met up with a couple of first time chasers about this time and we drove out to HWY 24.  This was taken before Calhan, there was definitely rotation still going on, visually and also on the radar.

Still active rotation near Calhan

Still active rotation near Calhan

Here’s another wall cloud that was forming right off the road to the SE of me!  Strong rotation but no funnel.

Heading towards Kansas

Heading towards Kansas

So I followed this storm all the way to Kansas as it was really the only storm within range and proven itself, why leave it.  At Burlington I had to punch through the storm and I figured now was my chance or the storm would get south of me (bad viewing from the North side) in VERY rural Western Kansas where there was limited road access.  Plus the storm had passed the dryline and was getting into much more instable air.  The supercell took on a whole different shape and life at this point.  As I came out of the storm this is what I saw looking south.  Notice the green “veins”, I’ve never seen this before, it was beautiful structure.  I stopped at the rest area to get some better shots, but the storm was picking up speed and the hail I went through was likely getting bigger, so there was no time to take pictures at this time.  Note that this storm had been tornado warned pretty much solid since Elbert County, although I didn’t see any tornadoes with it.  The shot was taken at 6:27 pm MDT.

South of Goodland, awesome structure

South of Goodland, awesome structure

I got to Goodland and headed south.  As soon as I was far enough out of town I had to stop and take some pictures of this amazing supercell structure!  This shot was south of me, you can see the other chasers (smartly) trying to beat the hail coming.

South of Goodland, awesome structure

South of Goodland, awesome structure

This is right in front of me (notice the STOP sign, really appropriate this day!), and after getting a quick shot with my camcorder I headed south again.  Unfortunately the storm was completely changing and reforming at the time and I ended up getting into the hail core.  It was like a hurricane, the winds, totally horizontal, and the hail coming down looked like waves on the road…no joke.  Am I in a hurricane in Western Kansas?

Amazing structure!

Amazing structure!

Shortly I was out of the precipitation and I had to decide if I was going to try and go north again and catch the wrong side or the storm, or head south  and parallel it.  Since the storm motion was ESE I decided to get a little south of it and then take the diagonal HWY 40 out of Sharon Springs.  I decided to do the south route in hopes of getting some good view of storm structure, which I did.  Nice beaver tail action on this baby!

South of supercell

South of supercell

The southern end of the storm that was so intense just 30 minutes before was quickly fizzling out as it intercected my HWY 40 route.  I took State Road 25 north to Colby in one last effort to catch the intense part of the storm.  Then decided it was time to head home as I didn’t feel like staying out too late (had to work in the morning) for lightening shots, plus these storms were moving quick.


I guess “gold” in western Kansas is grain, which these rural towns are built upon, as I discovered in this shot.


Goodbye Storm!

I have some pretty neat footage that I’ve made available on YouTube in High Definition as I got some footage that was completely different than all the footage I’ve seen thus far from this storm.

Overall, 13 hours on the road, about 660 miles.  My 4th day this season chasing.


Silver Lining Tours Master Class 2005 10-day Tornado Chase Tour – Day 9 – Mothership

Day #9.  June 15, 2005.  West Central Kansas.

Video (2nd part of the storm video):

This was a down day for most chasers, but our guides strutted their stuff
today by forecasting west central Kansas as a target.  The mid level had a
lot of moisture coming up from Amarillo into West Central Kansas and there was a
lot of dry desert air coming up over Colorado forming a dry line with nice
instability once you got into Kansas.  We drove from Kearney Nebraska and
arrived at Colby Kansas at noon.  We hung out there until 5:00 when we saw
the first storm of the day blow up, and boy did it in a hurry.

We had to drive east to catch up with the storm and experienced some minor
hail on I-70 along the way.  After going south right where the Trego Center
tornado was on Day 3 (June 9th) we knew that area was in for another intense
storm.  We actually drove by where the tornado was and saw much destruction
to trees and even flipped over flatbed trucks.  We parked along a small
country road and watched this beautiful mothership supercell evolve.  I
have always wanted to see a mothership and was blessed with a super high quality
storm structure today.  We hung out with two farmers who were really cool
and calm as this beast passed over their homes.

Eventually this put down a very weak tornado right before it was overwhelmed
with a squall line that had developed over eastern Colorado–very similar to the
supercell from Day 1 in South Dakota.  Then all hell broke loose and we had
to run for our lives (well, not really, but there was large hail and intense
winds that would have wrecked havoc on our van).  The storm quickly
swallowed us up and we narrowly escaped it after almost 2 hours of being very
closely chased.  I’m positive this storm complex had to produce large
tornadoes and devastating hail storms; we’ll wait to see what the NWS report

This storm was the most beautiful I’ve ever seen and produced the most wicked
lightening storm I’ve ever seen too.  For over 2 hours it was black as
night (but it was daylight still) with zero visibility due to blowing rain
(gusts were around 50-60 mph).  The lightening was intense in every
direction, probably 4-5 times per second.  I tried to video it but I don’t
think it came out.  You could see scary lowerings in the clouds through the
lightening at times.  What a treat from our mother nature!

There are a lot of pictures here because I am in awe of the beauty of this
storm…I couldn’t decide on which to show so I chose many.

This is the Rear Flank Downdraft blowing dust in the distance.  This is
an intense wind!

Lots and lots of rotation!

and finally a tornado.  This is called a truncated cone because the
condensation funnel didn’t ever go from the cloud to the ground, but as you can
see there is a definite tornado as seen by the debris on the ground.

You can see the tip of the funnel in the center, it actually isn’t the funnel
looking thing on the left, but that was rotating too!

Because of the intensity of this storm complex, there actually could be a
chase day tomorrow as well do to the outflow boundary generated by this MCS.

We thought we’d be sitting around on day 10 but that may not be true anymore.
Gotta love how dynamic the weather is!

Here was our escape route.  After leaving the tornado, we were right in
front of the golden box in the yellow.  The tornado is the where the letter
F is in pink near the center of the radar.  We had to navigate down the to
the right and down the green notch.

Silver Lining Tours Master Class 2005 10-day Tornado Chase Tour – Day 6

Day 6 – 06/12/2005.  Texas Panhandle

NWS Survery

Video (first half is a few days later in Kansas; second half is the Texas Twisters from 6/12):


Today was suggested to be a big day due to the instability and jet digging
in.  We headed east and south from Plainview.  There blew up two large
storms and we were positioned well between the two.  The northern storm was
by far the largers storm and so we targeted it.  It ended up dying and the
southern storm was exploding so we went south.  This storm ended up being
on a squall line so we focused on the southern storm.  Bill’s friends at
the Lubbock office called and told us the sheriff had reported a tornado with
the second to last storm and so we headed fast and furious to that storm.
We had to punch the tip of the core to get there and when the base of the storm
came into view we knew we’d be in for a treat.  We watched as a large wedge
was formed and touch the ground.  This beast became rain wrapped and we
moved to beat the hail wrapped core.  We proceeded to see multiple vortex
and another cone and ended up with a roping out elephant trunk.  In total,
we counted 5 tornados from this supercell.

There is a 1/2 mile wide tornado that is rain and dirt wrapped in there, don’t
be fooled…it was rotating VERY fast!

My still shots of this multiple vortex tornado (yes, one tornado with two-three
littler tornados in it…these tornados were rotating around each other).
This came out of a new mesocyclone base after the wedge dissapated (at least we
think, the wedge could still be rain wrapped behind and to the left…we got the
hell out of there so we’re not sure).  I concentrated on video at this
point and don’t have captured images from that yet.

At this time we saw that the last storm in the squall line (one storm south)
was growing enormous and was swallowing this already huge storm.  We drove
fast and furious and upon diving out from the forward flank downdraft we saw a
huge horseshoe shaped wall base with a wall cloud.  This never really
shaped up to much so we ended up driving away and viewing this storm from a
distance.  This was a HUGE storm that took up several counties.  We
saw amazing anvil crawling lightening and beautiful striated mammatus.

The above two pictures are of a wall cloud under this monster.  You can
see from the two pictures the downward motion of the wall cloud, we really
thought it was going to tornado.  Behind it is the rear flank downdraft
(RFD) hole…you would not want to be right under this hole as you’d probably
experience 100 mph winds and softball hail.  And yes, there was rapid
rotation in these clouds at this time.

Rapidly rotating funnel with tail cloud that was very active, but didn’t put
down any tornado.  This beast was so huge and so efficient it didn’t have a
chance to make a tornado…there was just too much rain cooled air falling down
through the RFD and cooling the inflow too much.

This is a typical shot from the trip.  The above radar shows this super
cell.  It probably took up at least one whole county and a 1/3 of all the
counties surrounding it.  Maybe 50 miles at the base?

These are called Puscular Rays.  You are looking at blue sky with a
little bit of the anvil at the top of the photo.  I haven’t quite learned
exactly what causes this, but it is like a rainbow effect, there is refraction
of light around the supercell forming a “inverted shadow” of sorts on the
horizon.  That is the while triangle.

Picture from our ride away from this storm after sunset.  Incredible
storm structure, but it would require a fish-eye lens to do the storm justice.

Notice the shelf cloud sucking in moisture from the lower level of the
atmosphere (950 mb).  Then the inflow right above it sucking in mid-level
moisture (700 mb), then the anvil way above that.  This middle inflow band
demonstrates the amount of rotation in this storm as it is bent around from
behind the storm.  This was a very healthy storm that died about a couple
hours after sunset due to the loss of heating.

The first tornado was the largest of the trip, we figure 1/2 mile wide at the
base.  We saw several trees fly up and also several power transformer
explosions.  A couple of towns were in the wake of some serious hail
problems associated with this storm.

Silver Lining Tours Master Class 2005 10-day Tornado Chase Tour – Day 5

Day #5.  6/11/2005.  Texas Panhandle Supercells and Tornado

We targeted the Texas panhandle today as there were several boundaries
forming with lots of moisture (even though it was somewhat cool for Texas in
June).  We drove from Dodge City to just south of Amarillo and sat around
and watched the clouds waiting for one to blossom.  It took storms a little
while to get going, but once they did we had a choice of one by Hereford and
another outside of Amarillo.  We took the Amarillo storm because it was the
first and most impressive.  As we drove close we found another classic
supercell, but this was fairly small in nature.  We watched a big wall
cloud approach NW Amarillo and it kept trying persistently forming wall clouds,
but there was just not enough juice for it to take off.  We heard that the
southern storm was taking off and so we left the Amarillo storm as it was
putting on a nice lowering, but the rotation had pretty much ended.  Again,
like every day, we heard the sirens go off and everyone came rushing out of
restaurants, stores and their cars to see the large dark cloud coming their way.
The city was a zoo, so that finalized our decision to get the hell out of town
as it would be hard to chase in a city.

We picked off a southern storm that had a history of a tornado and it was a
monster.  Absolutely huge storm.  This storm was trying to get with it
and kept forming new wall clouds that were impressive.  Finally, once we
thought the storm was going to give up, once wall cloud formed with a funnel.
The funnel eventually dropped for a small cone tornado.  We think it may
have put down two tornadoes, but until we review the video we can’t be sure.
We moved to get a closer view but we ended up in a mess with lots of rain.

We immediately went south as the rain was not linear (meaning it was curving
around) and we watched a huge funnel from less than 1/4 mile away while in the
bear’s cage.  After having enough and knowing that the funnel was going to
come down, we moved another mile to the south and watched the rain wrapped
circulation head off in the distance.  The national weather service issued
a tornado for this rain wrapped whatever, but we only saw the huge funnel and
didn’t ever see a tornado.  At this time baseball sized hail was falling
just north of where we were.  I unfortunately didn’t get any stills but I
should have some video.

The national weather service got a report on this storm that there was a
tornado on the ground, but it only looked like rain-filled downdraft (with no
rotation) so we are not counting this as a tornado.  The tornado I only
have on video and don’t have a way to capture it for viewing just yet.

We then watched a new storm form right behind it and it got quite organized
putting quite a show.  We were directly under the clouds with all sorts of
eddys and rotation and scud building everywhere from the strong inflow.
I’ve never seen cloud motion like this, hopefully the video comes out.  We
watched this storm go off into the distance while getting eaten alive by
mosquitoesas it got dark.  We were going to sleep in Amarillo but two
monster hail storms got between us and flooded the interstate with tons of water
and very large hail and we were stuck going south to Plainview for the night.

The target area is the eastern Texas Panhandle or western Oklahoma or Kansas.
We’ll see what the outflow boundaries look like from today’s monstrous hail

Silver Lining Tours Master Class 2005 10-day Tornado Chase Tour – Day 3 – NW Kansas Outbreak

Day #3.  Thursday.  6/9/2005.  Northwest Kansas Tornado Outbreak.

NWS Summary

We woke up today with some good news.  The outflow boundary from the Wichita storms was pushing into central Oklahoma but there was a 4 county wide corridor of unobstructed area in central to western Kansas that was pushing warm moisture up into north western Kansas.  In Russell where we stayed the night we woke up to northerly winds that were 25-35 mph and were very muggy.

There was a dry line in western Kansas, a low pressure in north eastern Colorado, a synoptic warm front in north western Kansas all coming together for a classic triple-point in North western Kansas.  We headed west and as we knew one or more storms would go up and dominate.  We found our storm on radar that exploded (went from a column to huge anvil in 20 minutes) just west of Hayes.

This storm took a while to get organized but if finally did around Hill City. Boy did it.  As I was talking to the local Sheriff the very active wall cloud popped down a large stovepipe tornado.  We followed this storm into Hill City and by that time it was about 2 miles south of town heading north east.

We headed south into its path and after we passed the river we had to quickly turn around as this monster wedge was less than 1/4 mile away and
coming straight at us.  This was a very violent tornado and we hoped that it didn’t cross the river as there was a group of about 6 houses that would have been quickly demolished.  This storm formed a 1/4 mile wide wedge and became rain wrapped so we couldn’t see it.  We knew it was in there by the flashing of power transformers within the rain wrapped core.  The storm started building a new wall cloud in front of the rain wrapped mess and quickly put down another tornado.

Note there are two big tornadoes in the above picture taken while we were in the van…

We quickly moved to stay in front of it and saw may wall clouds, funnels and tornados form and reform.  Luckily this storm spared 4 towns that were
almost in its path (missing by less than 2 miles per town).  We heard lots of sirens today.  We then parked and saw the inflow scud form right on the
road around us as another tornado formed 1/2 mile to our south.  Here the storm again reformed and close to Damar a nice elephant trunk formed, with another large cone just behind it (both at the same time).  This is probably what you saw on the weather channel as the contrast was amazing and it was running parallel to us about 1/8 mile north of our road.  The north tornado dissipated and the beautiful elephant trunk eventually roped out.

This storm was now being seeded by another monster supercell to its southwest and so we headed back to Hayes to start the chase over.

Heading east on I-70 out of Hayes we quickly saw a huge cone tornado.
There was also reformation of another agressively rotating wall cloud directly over I-70.  I can’t believe the truckers were barrelling right under this
wall cloud while another tornado was just south of the interstate.  We learned later that 44 trucks were overturned on the interstate.  This thing
was quickly on top of us and we had no choice but to turn around and head east on I-70 back towards Hayes.  We followed this storm towards Stockton and saw yet another short lived cigar tornado.  This storm appeared to be turning into a HP and so we decided to go get some dinner, and reports have it just a few minutes after we left its beautiful wall cloud it put down a large rain wrapped tornado.  These are hard to see and thus quite dangerous so it was good we left this storm when we did.

We’re thinking this RFD winds (probably close to 100 mph) is what blew over the 44 trucks on I-70.  You can see the dust being picked up and also the structure of this supercell!

Another picture of the Zurich double tornado as it roped out.  The second tornado is dissipating directly behind.

We all lost count of how many tornadoes, funnels and wall clouds that we saw today.  We are counting 7 tornadoes based on our recollection of the mesos, although many of these mesos put down multiple tornados, pulled back up, and put back down again.  We counted these as just one tornado.  Otherwise I suspect the count would be near 15.

Tomorrow will be another intense day as similar conditions are going to be present in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandle.  Once again we saw quite a
lightening display on our way to the hotel in Dodge City.