Multicast’s Multicaster OBQ-16 debut in Japan!

Well, it is official, our new album is released!  July 18th, 2016!  The initial release is limited to Japan as an insert to the Iron Feather Journal magazine for the opening of the Sapporo Zine Festival in Hokkaido.  We will be receiving a limited amount of magazines and will have a USA/World release in early September, the exact date is still to be determined.

As you wait for the next 6 weeks, you can preview the entire album here…

IFJ stenciled artwork

Front covers, both multi-color stenciled artwork!


IFJ Multicaster back covers

IFJ / Multicaster back covers!

As the typical Multicast / Obliq Recordings way, we created each of the covers by hand.  They are hand stenciled with recycled spray paint in multicolor!  The Iron Feather Journal inserts are limited edition to 200, all hand-numbered.  100 will be released in Japan, 100 outside of Japan.

Multicaster sleeves

Multicaster album sleeves drying on the manufacturing line, by the river!

Here is what a spindle of 170 looks like!

Multicaster CDs

Stack of Multicaster CDs.

Luckily my partner in crime, Cryptographics, is well versed at silk-screening and has the mass production process down!  He first created a registration piece that was offset for the thickness of the cover.  Then he created multiple stencils out of plastic to handle the ink.  This project requires many stencils, one for each image on the cover that will have its own separate color.  Thus, multiple iterations of paint and wait are required for the final cover to be complete!

Stencil Registered

Stencil registered with the first cover ready to go, as you can see all we do is move the left registration to the right side and we’re ready for the next image and colors.

The final product revealed

Tasty ultra limited black cover gettings its second image sprayed

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages, or stay tuned to this site or Obliq Recordings for release date information. Don’t sit on getting the limited IFJ magazine or it will be gone!

New Multicast Album forthcoming – Iron Feather Journal Collaboration

I received an email from an old friend who nows lives in Northern Japan asking if my band Multicast would be interested in another collaboration project with the Iron Feather Journal cyberpunk zine.  Rewind back to 1999, the year the late Prince sings about, where we did our first collaborative project with the Zine.  We produced a 10″ 4-track EP vinyl, silk-screened cover and included the Iron Feather Journal #17 magazine.  Not only was this a fun project, but it was successful selling a 1000 copies worldwide.

The magazine has a really old-school feel as the pages are laid out by hand and then photocopied.  None of this modern computer layout stuff for this zine!  Content varies, but is cyber-culture and music related.

Multicast Iron Feather Journal 17

Multicast’s Iron Feather Journal #17, limited colored vinyl

Iron Feather Journal 17

The entire Iron Feather Journal #17 package, with record, magazine and 2-color silkscreened cover.

The Iron Feather Journal has moved to northern Japan and is planning the next zine to premiere at the Sapporo Zine Festival in mid-July.  This time we’ll do a CD, a 10-track full length Multicast project.  The number of magazines will be limited with some available here in the USA from Obliq Recordings after the festival.  We plan to do 4-color stenciled cover art, each one will be hand created so they will likely all be unique.

Track selection and sequencing was completed in late April 2016.  Mastering is scheduled for May 10th and we’ll send to press shortly after.  Then they will be shipped to Japan and incorporated with the magazine which will be created there.

Freqmodif compilation release date announced!

My band project Freqmodif with Nathan Jantz are honored to have a track being released on the upcoming House of Mutes Vol.1 compilation on Obsolete Future Recordings!  Here is the press release!  Check it out, and don’t be slow or you’ll miss the limited cassette release; and buy the digital content for cheap at bandcamp!

Obsolete Future Presents…

House of Mutes Vol. 1 [OF007]

House of Mutes Vol.1 Compilation - We're the opening track!

House of Mutes Vol.1 Compilation – We’re the opening track!

We’re back after a short stretch of seasonal inertia with our first cassette compilation: House of Mutes Vol. 1 collects new material from Obsolete Future doyens WWC, Paradise, Dyad & Formant, in addition to a plethora of unearthed tracks from the likes of Denver’s Thug Entrancer, Rocky Mountain dub traffickers Freqmodif, Austin frequency-hackers Bodytronix, the Dallas/Ft. Worth electro crew of MKG Systems, Cygnus & Mannequinz, analog-acid from the Bay Area’s Headgear and a Dutch ambient oddity from BuzzzuwfarfewwW.

The tape is packaged in a putridly gorgeous neon-yellow case & specially designed by Kristen Koenig of Pull Trigger. The 15-track collection was compiled in Austin, TX by Conor Walker and mastered as a C44.5 by Jeremy Averitt in Denver, CO.

The cassette is limited to 150 // Preorder ships Friday June 20th
Track List:
a1. Freqmodif – Mesocyclone
a2. Mannequinz – Shiyan36
a3. The Argus Effect – Anklebiter
a4. MKG Systems – SCR
a5. Thug Entrancer – Resolve
a6. Cygnus – Varaxis Networks
a7. Bodytronix – Live at Switched On (Guy Taylor Edit)

b1. Formant – Fault Creep
b2. Paradise – Doom Rollster
b3. Dyad – Vertical Hold
b4. Hellhole – Shadow Projector
b5. Brown/Ballas – Furious
b6. Headgear – Edit 4
b7. WWC – This Ain’t a Hate Thing
b8. BuzzzuwfarfewwW – Morninghaze
Don’t be stuck in Purgatorial queue // Preorder your copy!

Veteran’s Day 2013

In honor of my dad, grandfather and every other American that has served during peace and war, this is my band’s tribute to our country’s heros!  This was a project my band Multicast did in conjunction with Aurora History Museum and Regis University.  Just listened to these again (I make a point to listen at least once a year) and these are amazing and sometimes sad stories.  Some very profound things said in this podcast.

Multicast presents... On the Backs of Soldiers

Multicast presents… On the Backs of Soldiers

August Tunes – new music from Multicast

Summer is winding down at a frantic pace; and I’m having fun every minute!  Posted some new Multicast tracks.

This one is an oldie but goodie; one of the first tracks we produced back in 1996 or so.  This was a marquee track on our original Wired Spaces demo, although it never saw an album release.  We had it on a Radio 1190 compilation several years back.  Enjoy!

This track was on both a Radio 1190 compilation Local Shakedown 3 and also a Denver International Airport local artists feature compilation in 2013.  Enjoy!

This was a track we produced back in 2009-10 timeframe and played at many of our shows.  This is the ultra-chill style that Multicast is known for!  Sit back and relax, the sound is God!


June 24, 2011 SW Nebraska Mesocyclone Timelapse – Freq Modif video

Had a great chase with Adam Boggs today, went to the Nebraska panhandle for a slight risk. Nothing was materializing so we decided to go after this discrete supercell well behind the front line of storms. Was able to get about 60 minutes of video shown here.

The music is my band Freq Modif with a track appropriately named Mesocyclone which I’ve been wanting to release for a while.