New Multicast Album forthcoming – Iron Feather Journal Collaboration

I received an email from an old friend who nows lives in Northern Japan asking if my band Multicast would be interested in another collaboration project with the Iron Feather Journal cyberpunk zine.  Rewind back to 1999, the year the late Prince sings about, where we did our first collaborative project with the Zine.  We produced a 10″ 4-track EP vinyl, silk-screened cover and included the Iron Feather Journal #17 magazine.  Not only was this a fun project, but it was successful selling a 1000 copies worldwide.

The magazine has a really old-school feel as the pages are laid out by hand and then photocopied.  None of this modern computer layout stuff for this zine!  Content varies, but is cyber-culture and music related.

Multicast Iron Feather Journal 17

Multicast’s Iron Feather Journal #17, limited colored vinyl

Iron Feather Journal 17

The entire Iron Feather Journal #17 package, with record, magazine and 2-color silkscreened cover.

The Iron Feather Journal has moved to northern Japan and is planning the next zine to premiere at the Sapporo Zine Festival in mid-July.  This time we’ll do a CD, a 10-track full length Multicast project.  The number of magazines will be limited with some available here in the USA from Obliq Recordings after the festival.  We plan to do 4-color stenciled cover art, each one will be hand created so they will likely all be unique.

Track selection and sequencing was completed in late April 2016.  Mastering is scheduled for May 10th and we’ll send to press shortly after.  Then they will be shipped to Japan and incorporated with the magazine which will be created there.

My new album Bahian Coastal Highway reviewed

My band’s Multicast new CD, Bahian Coastal Highway on Carpe Sonum Records, got a sweet review in The Big Takeover Magazine #77 by Mark Suppanz.  Wow, I’m very impressed, this guy gets it; he’s figured out things from the music in the titles and such that we’ve never explained to anyone!  This is a great review on our material and we appreciate the shout out!  Definitely check out Mark’s other reviews and the magazine for tons of insight on modern music!

Bahian Coastal Highway Review


Great article on Devils Head Topaz

I found this several years ago and just came across it again recently.  This is an old article on the Mineralogical Society of America’s web site about a Topaz dig at Devils Head.  This is from American Mineralogist journal from 1945.

It talks about dig(s) during the summer of 1934 of Edwin Over and Arthur Montgomery. The article is technical and shows detailed drawings and crystallography of the Topaz they found at this locale.

All of the journal is posted online here and free through 1999.

A few takeaways…

  • it is noteworthy that the pockets especially rich in iron are poor in topaz (pg 355)
  • Within the pockets the microcline masses reach 6 or 8 inches in greatest dimension; well-formed crystals are relatively rare and they do not exceed a size of two inches
  • Quartz occurs in smoky crystals, in most cases slender and distorted

I have yet to find Topaz at Devils Head, but most of the larger smoky quartz I find is as they describe.