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Going through some older cassettes from the Radio Station days (KUCB, Boulder) and digitizing some mixes I did on my shows.  Love listening to these old shows as this is when Electronic / Techno Music was blossoming and a ton of good tracks are included in these mixes!


Davealex – IDM / TRANCE mixtape – January 1995 by Davealex on Mixcloud

30m – dj davealex – by Davealex on Mixcloud

Dj davealex – Trance / Acid Mixtape circa 1993 by Davealex on Mixcloud

Dj davealex – classic techno – circa March 1993 by Davealex on Mixcloud

KUCB Ambient & Techno Show: March 13, 1994

I was able to go through all my old mixtapes and I removed and trashed all the outer plastic cases; now I have three shoeboxes full of tapes to someday go digital with…picked one out at random and here it is. No markings other than March 13, 1994. I’ll work on a set list but there are several I’m not likely going to remember…perhaps you can help?

The first several sets were chill/ambient and then led into more techno/dance stuff later on in the show.


Kraftwerk – Ralf & Florian
? (on the tip of my tongue)
Aphex Twin – SAW2
Delerium – Stone Tower
? (again, on the tip of my tongue)
Locust – Weathered Well
Germ – Gone
< — Heads off in a techno/trance direction — >
Sequential – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
The Hallucination Generation ‎– Black Holes And Baby Universes
? (again, on the tip of my tongue)
Resistance D
Acrid Abeyance – Exposure Track

Quick Music Guide to

There is a bunch of music throughout the website; some goes way back. To make it easier to digest I created a quick roadmap…

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30m – Alt Electronic
30m – Lunar Lodge 2012
Multicast – Museum In The Dark
Liquid Hardhouse 2
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Electronic Mix
Techno Acid 1
30m – Detroit
Techno Mixup
Trip Hop / Acid Jazz
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Hardcore / Techno Madness
30m – Electro 2010
Mostly Acid
Multicast – New Tunes/Videos
Holy Beer Bombs 2 – Industrial
30m Wave
30m Techno
30m Experimental Ambient

Mixtape: 30m KUCB Techno from Dec 7, 1992

davealex - 30m seriesFound this fun cassette from a show during Finals week in December 1992.  This one actually has some DJ DaveAlex talking in it which is rare for my radio show tapes, I usually paused the cassette as I didn’t like to hear myself talking when listening to these cassettes.  Techno for 6pm to start the evening!  LOL!

Play Mixtape - right click to download


Here is the tracklist!

  1. Frank De Wulf – Electrain (Music Man, Belgium)
  2. Aphex Twin – Flaphead (R&S, Belgium)
  3. Disintegrator – Black Dark Ominous Clouds (Industrial Strength, NYC)
  4. D.Shake – N.U.F.O. (Hardcore Mix) (Go Bang, Netherlands)
  5. Station ID – davealex
  6. Glitch – Brain Circuit Surgery (Industrial Strength, NYC)
  7. Mescalinum United – We Have Arrived (Aphex Twin remix) (R&S, Belgium)
  8. Underground Resistance – The Punisher (Underground Resistance, Detroit)

Mixtape: 30m – Chillimental circa 1994 – Experimental/Ambient

davealex - 30m series
Here was a radio show that I did, likely late night, that was more experimental/ambient.  In the spirit of the 30m series, here is 30+ minutes of ambient electronics.  Not sure of the exact date but I know it is 1994.


Play Mixtape - right click to download



  1. Drexciya – Bubble Metropolis (intro) (Underground Resistance, Detroit)
  2. Velocette – Untitled (Reflective, San Francisco)
  3. Aphex Twin – Windowsill (Warp, UK)
  4. Delerium – Inside the Chamber (Dossier, Germany)
  5. Klinik – Suffer In Silence (Antler Subway, Belgium)
  6. John Pfeiffer – Electronomusic (Drops / Moments) (RCA Victrola, USA)
  7. Locust – Lust (R&S, Belgium)

Mixtape: 30m – KUCB – Mostly Acid – circa 1993

davealex - 30m series
Dubbing down some old mix-tapes and pulled out this dandy.  Unlabelled cassette, likely mid/late 1993.  This installment of the 30m series brings nearly 30 minutes of Acid.  I was able to ID all but one track, which I will figure out soon and update this post.

Play Mixtape - right click to download



  1. Vapourspace – Gravitational Arch of 10 (Plus8, Detroit)
  2. Country & Western (Jocham Paap) – Reincarnation (SVR International, Italy)
  3. Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Astral Apache (Underground Resistance, Detroit)
  4. Integrated Circuits – Patience (Labworks Germany)
  5. ???
  6. Lenny D vs DJ Edge – Drive (Edge Records, UK)

30m Series – Hardcore Techno Madness Mixes – KUCB 94

I’ve always liked a little variety in my electronic music, as you can see from the last set of posts of mix tapes back in the Radio Station / Club DJ daze. This was a good mix of hardcore, gabber and, of course, lots of acid mixed in to spice things up a bit! I love acid! This is a show that ended up as part 2 of a 3 part series–a sci-fi based trip to the ancient land of Electricika. This was the Escape part of that trip–get the hell away from that place! 😉 Anyhow, recorded late in the night live, on air, at KUCB radio in Boulder, January 9, 1994. Enjoy! These aren’t for the faint at heart!


Hardcore & Acid Mix A KUCB Oct 9430m – davealex – Hardcore Mix A – October 4, 1994


Hardcore & Acid Mix B KUCB Oct 9430m – davealex – Hardcore Mix B – October 4, 1994

30m Series – 1994 KUCB Trip Hop / Acid Jazz Mix

Wow, I’m impressed with myself as I have full documentation on this cassette tape.  This was on my late night radio show doing 90 minutes of Trip Hop and Chill Out music.  Note that I used the term “Trip Hop” before I actually heard the common genre term; so this is a bit different–downtempo beats and tripped out was my simple definition!  🙂  At the time I was playing a lot of ‘Mo Wax and other tunes on this cassette at the clubs because that was my alternative for top-40 hip-hop which is what many club go-ers wanted to hear.  This cassette has a bunch of classic tracks!

dj davealex - 1994 Trip Hop - KUCBdavealex – KUCB Trip Hop – Oct 2, 1994 – Part 1

dj davealex - 1994 Trip Hop - KUCBdavealex – KUCB Trip Hop – Oct 2, 1994 – Part 2

dj davealex - 1994 Trip Hop - KUCBdavealex – KUCB Trip Hop – Oct 2, 1994 – Part 3

Track List:

Attica Blues – Contemplating Jazz (Mo Wax)

Howie B vs Major Force – Time Has Come (Mo Wax)

u-ziq – Xolbe II (R&S)

Richard Kirk – World War III (Warp)

DJ Shadow & DJ Krush – Kemuri (Mo Wax)

Tournesol – Holy Cow (Apollo)

Eat Static – Abduction (Planet Dog)

DJ Shadow- Lost & Found (Mo Wax)

Overlords of the UFO – Imagine (Enlightenment)

Tranquility Bass – We Came In Peace (Exist Dance)

Attica Blues – Abstract Original (Mo Wax)

Scorn – Silver Rain Fell (Meat Beat Manifesto dub) (Earache)

Marden Hill – Up In Smoke (On Delancey Street)

Jazz Not Jazz – Keep On (New Breed)

KUCB Mix Tape – Liquid Hardhouse 2

This was a great techno/industrial tape; nice and fast/hard trance and acid. I used to love to play at high bpms to get the feet shufflin and bootys movin! One side was Sept 6, 1993. The other show is unknown (not so good labelling on my part!), I’d guess mid 93. It definitely was a different timeframe because I was using a different brand of cassette; which I bought in packs of 10 or 20 from my friend, Hardcore!…

I did two specialty shows at this time; one was Sunday from 1-7 before my gig at the club from 9-2am (that was a long work day! ). THe show was “Techno”–mostly techno and industrial. I also did a “Music of our formative years” show; basically 80’s electronics, goth and new wave…today’s oldie station! That was 3 hours a week show…

Side A) (58:01)
Human Resource – Beyond the Edge
Illuminatae – Tremor Del Terra
Structure – Lovecore
Jens Lissat – Trancecore Still
Aurin – Morphia
Influid – Quite Safe
Headshop – Universe
Aphex Twin – Polynomia-C
Caustic Window – K2
Sequential – Trip to Paradise
Resistance D – Morning Sun

dj davealex - KUCB Liquid Hardhouse 2 - A Side

Side B) (52:48)
Sect – Andromeda Storm
Polygon Window – Quoth
Koenig Cylinders – Choreomania
Mark NRG – Section of Noise
Cryptic Diffusion – Just What It Is
The 21st Century Boy – Acid Anthem
Zekt – Broaden Minds
Afx – Universal Indicator Red
T-Bone Castro – Urban Partyzan
Gordon Maxhunt – Rabbit City 10
CBX Project – Square by Down

dj davealex - KUCB Liquid Hardhouse 2 - B Side

dj davealex - Liquid Hardhouse 2

Electronic DJ Sets – KUCB (pre-Radio 1190) days

I am going through the Obliq archive and have uncovered a bunch of old mixtape cassettes from my DJ days at KUCB radio in Boulder (this is pre-Radio 1190,  I forgot about a lot of these and am enjoying them in a digital format.  I figured others may be interested as well, so I have posted them to my blog.  I have over 100 tapes, most which are unlabelled (doh!), I’ll continue posting as I find interesting ones.

The first 4 are posted here:

Late 1993:  Hardcare & Acid:

Jan 1995:  IDM/Techno:

Sept 1993:  Acid/Techno:

Dec 1994:  Detroit Techno: