Late May Storm

There have been several great stormy days here in Colorado in early May; but my schedule has prevented me from chasing on those good days.  I’ve been itching to get out; and luckily we had a good day before we left for our family vacation!

Got several lucky shots of lightning

My son and I got an opportunity to head out on May 26th.  We targeted Limon and decided we’d then go where the storms popped up as the forecast was difficult.  The storms fired along the Colorado front range early in the day; and put down some hail, but those storms were moving due north and had already formed a line; so we punched through and continued to our target.  Once in Limon, we saw some development to the south and headed that way to check them out.

The weather was strange, it was pretty chilly (about 52 degrees) and nothing was going up discreet.  We stopped at the first storm and noted a wall cloud feature on a storm, so we watched it.  It did have a little rotation; but just as it was looking good the inflow got cut off and the storm turned into a massive rainy mess.  So we left it and headed Southeast towards the front end of the cells.

Early wall cloud, temp was about 50 degrees.

Early wall cloud, temp was about 51 degrees.

A small amount of rotation.

A small amount of rotation as this wall cloud continued

We were able to see a small, short lived funnel near Wild Horse and as we were heading south towards some great looking structure near Kit Carson the storm overtook us.  There was a tornado spotted from this cell but traffic was pretty hairy and we ended up abandoning that storm and heading north.  We saw some great lightning, Hunter actually saw a positive bolt from the top of a tower which is great; I’ve never seen one of those.  By the time we got north of I-70, the front edge of the storms were all out by the Kansas border, and we decided to not pursue those into Kansas and instead just watch the remaining daytime lightning south of Yuma and then head home.

A funnel was forming; I rushed back to the car to ensure Hunter could see it; but by then it had dissipated. It went about 1/2 way to the ground, but was just a small finger.

Here a funnel was forming, but I didn’t get a shot of it as it was 1/2 way to the ground as I was rushing back to the car to ensure Hunter saw it!  It lasted for just a minute or two; but the coulds were all active in this area.


Interesting structure as the storm overtook us


Aroya historic school house!

The Aroya historic school house was in use until the early 1960s.


The greens are beautiful this time of year!

South of Yuma we caught up to the last lightning of the evening.  We parked next to a grain bin and under these power lines; ended up getting some great day lightning photos; I was holding the camera by hand and was surprised this technique actually worked as it wasn’t dark yet!





August 11 2015 Aurora Funnel Cloud

For some reason early this morning I felt I had to take my camera to work. I wasn’t sure why I felt that way, but I didn’t deny my intuition and I put it in the car with me. I figured I’d see a wild animal or something on the way in.

So, I’m working and end up having meetings solid all afternoon. Ending time has come and gone and I’m officially working late again. Then all of a sudden every phone in cube-land went off at the same time. Tornado warning. Managers yelling at folks to get in the stairwell and inner conference rooms. Of course, I’m looking out the window and checking my resources on the phone trying to determine where the threat is. No velocity couplet on radar, probably a landspout as this area of Colorado is notorious for non-supercell tornadoes. Some random manager (not sure whom) grabs me and tells me I’m in danger and I have to get into the shelter. So I dart away, down the stairs past a ton of folks, and onto the top of the parking garage, on my way grabbing the camera from the car.

Tornado warning states that it was a “Public spotted tornado” which typically means pretty much anything; I understand the concern because clouds can look really angry! (many “public” reports are incorrect). But social media shows some nice funnel cloud pictures. Cool! The subsequent warning states that Weather Spotters see a funnel cloud.

The rain stops falling (mostly) and the lightning moves away, so I venture out on the top floor of the parking garage and then I see the funnel, just northeast of work. My co-worker texts me asking me where the heck I was at, I told him on the top of the parking garage and to come join me. He ended up being just in time to see his first funnel cloud of his life! I vividly still remember that day for me, I was 6, changed my life.

Aurora Funnel Cloud Aurora Funnel Cloud Aurora Funnel Cloud Aurora Funnel Cloud Aurora Funnel Cloud Aurora Funnel Cloud

June 5th Chase

Today was the third day in a row that the Colorado Front Range had a tornado watch issued.  I left a little late due to a work meeting (who schedules meetings in the afternoons during storm season, how rude! 🙂 ) and headed up to follow the second cell that was tornado warned near Parker.  Caught some great storm structure and had a fun time with this storm as it went in and out of tornado warned status.  Once again, more Palmer Divide magic!

double tail clouds

Double tail clouds!

Tail Cloud

Cell east of Byers as it got going again. Awesome watching the tail clouds form and pass overhead!

Tornado warned at this time.

Tornado warned at this time.

outflow structure from the storm

This was cool as the outflow was getting sucked up into the cloud.

On the way home I caught the cells that were forming off of the Rampart Range west of Castle Rock to get some lightning shots.  Unfortunately it was raining anywhere near the storm, so I shot some distant photos near Castlewood Canyon, still caught some great lightning.  It produces much better photos closer to the strikes, however; but there are still months of storms to catch great lightning shots.

Possible shear funnel

This appears to be a small shear funnel on the right side of this storm looking north from Castle Rock

Lightning over the Pinery

Lightning over the Pinery

Lightning over the Pinery

Lightning over the Pinery

Lightning over the Pinery

Lightning over the Pinery

Lightning over the Pinery

Lightning over the Pinery

Lightning over the Pinery

Lightning over the Pinery

Been a fun June chasing so far!  Look forward to more days this spring!

Chase: 06/23/2013 Shamrock Colorado

Hunter and I went out today chasing in NE Colorado. We knew since the day before that we were going out; so we planned our day accordingly so we would get an early enough start which ended up really paying off. Our initial target was Bennett so we could chase anything that came off of the divide or foothills, or go south if necessary.

Our storm was the first of the day and we followed it; but it didn’t seem to organize and when I saw two other cells forming to the south I decided we’d do the “Tail-end Charlie”; which was coming out of Castle Rock. In case you don’t know about Tail-End Charlie; it is a chaser term to catch the southern most storm…usually this storm will be getting the most instable air and there won’t be any storms along the line (boundary) seeding cold air and rain into the inflow of downstream (northern) cells.  This is important for the supercell to grow unimpeded by bad (cold) air being dumped into it from another storm.

Luckily all storms were moving NE and forming in basically a line; so all we had to do was head south and a bit east and wait for it. We started this new plan of attack around Prospect Valley and hit the towns of Hoyt, Shamrock, Woodrow, and finally ended the chase and turned around at Akron.

The storm went tornado warned just as we turned east out of Shamrock (don’t be fooled, Shamrock is a two/three building “town”, if you blinked, you missed it).  We saw a small shear funnel in the inflow band that lasted less than a minute.  I saw some rotation when we were at the windmill but no solid funnel formed.  Finally, we both saw something “big” in the clouds but couldn’t tell if it was a funnel or not; so we chalked it up to a mystery.  Finally, as we were calling off the chase south of Akron; we saw a small funnel as it was getting dark–we ran into the TIV and several other chasers filming in the dusk dust storm!

If you are on a browser that support flash, click the FS button to the right/bottom of the pictures to see full screen / click it again to return.


tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-3328 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-3304 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-3290 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-3280 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-3265 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-3254 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-3251 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-3246 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-3244 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-3223 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-3218 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-3212 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-3206 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-3203 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-3193

On the way home we were treated to an amazing lightning show, again and again! We stopped twice off of I-76 and took some pictures and video; watching the lightning as it hit all around! Great CGs, anvil crawlers and just about all types you can imagine!


tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-2316 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-2315 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-2301 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-2298 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-2297 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-2295 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-2290 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-2280 tn_ShamrockChase-2013-06-23-2270

Hightlights (both Hunter & I combined):

0) The killer lightning on the drive home !!!
1) Dairy cows piggy-back riding other cows (???)
2) The turtle in the road
3) Shear funnel in an inflow band
4) Funnel and wall cloud at dusk
5) Wall clouds and great formations all day
6) Being right in front of the storm all day !!!

Chase: June 7, 2012. Palmer Divide – Calhan Tornado

After yesterday’s strange and incredible lightning and hail storms today was shaping up to be another severe day.  The NWS ended up putting a Tornado Watch box over the NE corner of the state at 11:00 am; it was muggy due to the moisture from yesterday and more coming that was trapped in the Front Range area due to fronts, and an upper air disturbance was passing over giving some extra lift.  Shear and helicity all looked good for supercells and potential tornadoes.

I left about 2:00 and headed east on Hwy86 as my target was Kiowa, or more like Agate/Byers area.  I wanted to sit on the north side of the divide and chase whatever fired from there.  As soon as I was past Kiowa a promising cell started to form right around Byers.  On my way there two other cells started to form to the SW–although these didn’t show up on radar they were looking really nice; but I went for the maturing cell and stopped on Hwy 36 about 10 miles east of Byers.

NOTE:  Click on any picture for an enlarged and higher resolution version (they look better larger). 

Supercell of the day as I was approaching from Kiowa.

As I was watching the storm east of Byers, this hit me.

The cell was back building and went tornado warned near Byers.  I was expecting the cell to take off and I was in good position for that; but it ended up moving south.  I then jetted toward Deer Trail and eventually to Agate and south towards Hwy 86.  I figured I could get to Simla or even Ramah if the storm continued due South where the road network gets better.

Between Deer Trail and Agate the large flat rain free base produced rotation and a funnel cloud.  It also produced some amazing texture in the anvil/downdraft of the storm!

Great texture in the coulds with another cell to the south!

Funnel cloud formed SW of Agate

On my way south past Agate, the front end of the storm looked very suspicious and as I was driving it looked like a tornado could be occuring.  There was a tornado reported but I didn’t know this until afterwards; but I did take this shot of the scud.

Inflow/Outflow SW of Agate; I believe I saw a tornado around this time.

I traveled south to Hwy 86 (near where I started) and then west to the road to Simla.  I wanted to get to the road to Ramah, but there was no way without entering the core.  I traveled south until Simla and got some amazing, and I mean amazing, structure shots.  At this time there was a tornado down but I did not see anything from my vantage point.


This was a monster…and the structure was incredible!


Backhalf of this supercell; it was huge!


Looking Southeast…


This supercell was tornado warned at this time.


Incredible structure. Could that have been the tornado the sirens were blaring for?


Storm structure remains incredible as the storm heads towards Calhan.


Repositioned to stay ahead of the supercell!


Awesome structure, still!


Tail cloud plus incredible vault! Love the blue veins!

I then headed SW of Simla and chased until near dark.  I saw a funnel which ended up being a the Calhan Tornado.  I was able to chase about a mile east of the core for a while until I decided I needed to book it south to beat the core going west on 94 into Colorado Springs.  I ended up a little slow (due to the fast developing cell on the west side of this beast) and got into some golf ball sized hail.  The cell that formed over NE Colorado Springs also put down some half dollar sized hail.


Calhan tornado behind the rain!


Calhan tornado June 7 2012


Just after the tornado – I got back in front of the storm


Great structure in this supercell all day!


Overall, great day.  Saw two tornadoes, a ghostly mothership, and had a fantastic chase!