Sunday Slow-Down improv set

Sunday Slow-Down picture taken by @Nix_Morton.



I will be doing a live, ambient/electronic improv set with Charles Ballas in Denver on Sunday March 5th, 2017. Conveniently located off of the central light rail line at Alameda Station, should be no reason for you not to slow-down your Sunday and join us.  4-6pm. White Whale Room is the venue; looks like a ultra hip place to spend the afternoon!

Sunday Slow-Down live electronic music

The theme of this event will be simplicity.  No car needed, I’ll just have focus on one piece of gear, likewise Charles will bring a guitar and looper pedal.  We’re going as Chill Out Enforcement Crew and do take our jobs seriously!  LOL.

The flyer is turntable illusion art.  Print it and stick it on your LP player for some optical illusions!  Then you’ll fully understand the vibe we’re looking forward too!

30m – Alt

Another series that was in the crate for the Lunar Lodge celebration. Had to play them one last time before refiling in the stacks! This one is more alternative electronic. About 90 minutes and made on a lack of sleep so a bit all over the place. Enjoy!

M.I.A. – Paper Planes (DFA Remix) – XL Recordings UK 2008
Miss Kittin – Professional Distortion – NovaMute UK 2004
Normal – Warm Leatherette – Mute UK 1978
Chicks on Speed – Turn of the Century – Go Records Germany 1998
Siouxie and the Banshees – Mittageisen – Polydor UK 1979
Tearist – EP – Post Present Medium USA 2010
Mordant Music – Dark Side of the Autobahn – Mordant Music UK 2003
Joy Division – Atmosphere – Factory UK 1980
Cabaret Voltaire – Sleepwalking – Virgin UK 1985
Black Dog featuring Ofra Haza ((Aluminium Glue Remix by Scanner) – Babylon – Warner UK 1998
Elizabeth Fraiser – Moses – Rough Trade UK 2009
Massive Attack – Risingson – Virgin UK 1998
Electronic Dub – Blue Germany 1994
Scala – VDT – Too Pure UK 1996
? Acid Track (need to find and check the record)
Trentemøller – Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go !!! (Andrew Weatherall Prinz Mix) – In My Room Germany 2011
The Knife – Silent Shout – Brille Records UK 2008

30m – Lunar Lodge

Tribute to the lodge, here’s some acid and techno mixed up.

LFO – LFO – Warp Records UK 1990
Liquid Oxygen – I See the Madness – Champion UK 1990
DJ Pierre – Box Energy (Aphex Twin mix) – Rephlex / Men UK – 2001
A Jackin’ Phreak – Acid Sex – RZ Records France – 2004
? (gonna have to find the record)
Collin Bros. – Pontti – Pssst Music Netherlands – 1995
? (gonna have to find the record)
Plastikman – Spastik (Dubfire Rework) – Minus Germany 2010
Sleeparchive – Papercup – Sleeparchive Germany 2007
Atom Heart – Humbucker (Aquarius Pinky Mix) 1997
Philus – Kolmio – Sahko Records Finland 1998
Orx – Coordinated Sounds & Sequences – Clone Records Netherlands 1992
Nitzer Ebb – Murderous – Novamute UK 2004

30m Series – Wave

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while; I had put voice-over back tracks in but took forever to get around to doing the voice overs. Finally, I’ll call it done.  About 60 minutes (2x 30m) of new and old wave; produced by Waveforms!  Fun and catchy stuff, enjoy!


Bal Pare – Palais d’Amour – Metamorphose – Krautrock Records Sweden 1985
Cyberia – Oxide – DYAD – Colorado 2012
Kline Coma Xero – Left Behind – San Francisco – Soundcloud 2012
Lassigue Bendthaus – Fiber – Render – KK Records Belgium 1994
Liquid Sky Soundtrack – Me and My Rhythm Box – Varese Sarabande Records USA 1983
The Human League – The Black Hit of Space – Travelogue (2003 Remaster) – Virgin UK 1980
New Order – Your Silent Face – Power Corruption and Lies – Factory UK 1983
Normal Ones – Normal Ones Theme – demo – Colorado 2008
Solvent – My Radio – Apples & Synthesizers – Ghostly International Canada 2004
Lowfish – Glued Smile – City Centre Offices Germany 1999
Skanfrom – Check in (2nd) – Hand-Picked Fragments – Suction Canada 2002
Cabaret Voltaire – Sleepwalking – Drinking Gasoline – Virgin UK 1985


Quick Music Guide to

There is a bunch of music throughout the website; some goes way back. To make it easier to digest I created a quick roadmap…

30m – Electro Lodge
30m – Alt Electronic
30m – Lunar Lodge 2012
Multicast – Museum In The Dark
Liquid Hardhouse 2
Hardcore/Acid Mix
Electronic Mix
Techno Acid 1
30m – Detroit
Techno Mixup
Trip Hop / Acid Jazz
davealex made tunes
Hardcore / Techno Madness
30m – Electro 2010
Mostly Acid
Multicast – New Tunes/Videos
Holy Beer Bombs 2 – Industrial
30m Wave
30m Techno
30m Experimental Ambient

Spring Equinox = New Music

We’re working in the studio again and produced some new tunes along with some videos.  Just had another Replicast session here at my studio and we’ll see what gets edited out of that session…thanks to Conor, Jay, Charles, Nat and especially Jeff for arranging this get together.

Multicast presents “State”…



New video by Jeff on his recent sabbatical trip to Hawaii. Sit down, relax, put your feet in the imaginary surf and enjoy!

Multicast presents Hawaii…



Multicast presents “Sea Foam Green”…

After most of the winter hiatus, Multicast is back! This time with a track to lull you into a trance…or simply to sleep! Sea-foam Green is about the seashore experience; I’m sure you’ve all been there and done that! Sitting on the shore listening to the waves unravels everything inside of you and brings out the relaxation in any of us. This track is a metaphor for this feeling…the lapping patterns of the waves making peaceful sea-foam.

Please don’t operate heavy machinery or drive while listening to this track. You’ve been warned!