KGNU Electronic Air #1

electronic air - dj davealexI’ve always been a fan of Electronic Air over its 21 year history, and I was invited in late 2016 to become part of the crew.  I will be a substitute DJ and fill in for the regulars when they need a break from the action.  

I have been away from radio DJing for over 20 years and am really excited to be part of this amazing crew, and to DJ again.  Tune in, it will be great!

Here is the teaser I pushed out with one day to go…

Electronic Air dj davealex

Booked to DJ the 2015 Full Moon Festival


Been pulling records for this year’s Mother Earth Sound System Full Moon Festival, a 48-hours 2-stage music festival.  It looks like I’ll have an extended set DJ/performing as Multicast (up to 6 hours!!) on the Earth stage Saturday afternoon/evening.  The line-up looks incredible, and the venue is a rural outdoor ranch in the mountains near Silverthorne.  I will bring many styles and change the music up playing dub, reggae, electro, acid, ambient and some 140-dubstep; mainly a more chill out stage providing balance to the main pounding techno Moon stage.

I will also bring some gear and add in some original stuff here and there.  I’m opening up for the Normal Ones so very excited about that; and perhaps we’ll do some experimentation for a while between sets!

Don’t miss it!

Mess Full Moon lineup

Amazing international lineup!

Live in My Basement Series – Depeche Mode

Got to listening to my stash of early Depeche Mode and ran across several Live Concert vinyls, cassettes and CDs.  After spinning my own personal concert, I figured that some enthusiasts of early Depeche Mode would also like to listen, so I thought I’d share.

All tracks are from concerts most dating 1980 – 1982.  Note that the quality is greatly mixed — some are audience recordings, some soundboards and a couple of tv or radio broadcasts.  I love hearing early and different versions of these wonderful tracks and how the band evolved before I could witness first-hand many years later!

Enjoy, leave feedback and connect if likeminded!  I will have another basement concert or two forthcoming for DM from the mid-80s; plus some other bands that I’ve been following and collecting for the last 30+ years!  Stay tuned…

Depeche Mode – Live in My Basement by Davealex on Mixcloud

Total Time: 1 hour 14 minutes 4 seconds.
Here are the tracks and shows:

  1. Oberkorn / My Secret Garden (Hammersmith London, 10-28-1982)
  2. Leave in Silence (Hammersmith London, 11-3-1984)
  3. Now This Is Fun (Lantaren Rotterdam, 3-28-1982)
  4. Photographic (Tiffany Glasgow, 2/21/1982)
  5. Shout (Tiffany Glasgow, 2/21/1982)
  6. I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (Technical College Southend-on-Sea, 11-14-1980)
  7. Dreaming of Me (Zeche Bochum Germany, 11-28-1982)
  8. New Life  (Croc’s Raleigh, 6-27-1981)
  9. Big Muff  (Croc’s Raleigh, 6-27-1981)
  10. Tora! Tora! Tora! (VC Last Gig, Chichester Theatre, 12-3-1981)
  11. Just Can’t Get Enough (VC Last Gig, Chichester Theatre, 12-3-1981)
  12. See You (Zeche Bochum Germany, 11-28-1982)
  13. The Sun and the Rainfall (Hammersmith London, 10-28-1982)
  14. I Like It (Tiffany Glasgow, 2/21/1982)
  15. Addiction (Technical College Southend-on-Sea, 11-14-1980)
  16. Price Of Love (Croc’s Raleigh, 6-27-1981)
  17. Tomorrow’s Dance (Bridge House London, 10-30-1980)
  18. Reason Man (Bridge House London, 10-30-1980)
  19. Television Set (Les Bains Douche Paris, 9-29-1981)

Snowy Day Mixtape

Snowy Day Mixtape

With the snow dumping outside, and nothing really to do except sit by the warm fire, I created this Snowy Day Mixtape.  Lots of female vocals, some trip hop, downtempo, shoegaze, krautrock and electro ambient all mashed up together in a single mix.  Since I’m going nowhere, this is a 30m double-pack.  Enjoy!


  1. Trentemoller “Dirty Snow”
  2. How to Destroy Angels “The Space in Between”
  3. Donna Regina “Let’s Get Slow”
  4. Haujobb “X-Flow”
  5. Siouxsie and the Banshees “Red Light”
  6. Terranova “Never”
  7. Trentemoller “Even Though You’re With Another Girl”
  8. Dopplereffekt “Myon-Neutrino”
  9. Boards of Canada “Reach for the Dead”
  10. Stereolab “Harmonium”
  11. Ellen Allien and Apparat “Way Out”
  12. Portishead “Chase the Tear”


Snowy Day Mixtape – 30m double pack by Davealex on Mixcloud

The 30m series contains enough tunes to get you somewhere, which usually takes about 30 minutes, or in 30 minute segments (i.e. a double-pack).

2014 Favorite Records & Tunes

A the year comes to a close, there is a group of likeminded music enthusiasts that puts together their favs for the year.  This year is no different–although like always I tend to stretch the rules and this year is no different! 🙂  Some of these releases are vinyl re-releases that came out long ago; and some of these releases are not from 2014 but I learned about them and picked them up in 2014.  Finally, some of these releases are not albums but rather singles–likely found on Soundcloud.

Would love to hear your opinions and comment on your favorites of the year; or perhaps give me some tips on releases I should have heard but didn’t!

First, some local artists…

Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots (Pesanta Urfolk 032-1)

Bummed that I didn’t get the colored vinyl version (I even pre-ordered), it would be amazing with the gatefold artwork of this double vinyl release.  Heavy 200g vinyls to boot!  This is classic Munly, not really country but definitely a rural vibe.  Munly’s unique vocals (sometimes high, sometimes low) and various stringed instruments in the composition give this record a very unique feel.

Reighnbeau x Sister Grotto – Highways

Remix by New Mexico artist Reighnbeau, this is a classic shoegaze pop track featuring Denver’s Sister Grotto.  I first saw Sister Grotto open for Mark McGuire earlier in the year and really enjoyed her ambient/melancholy set.  Soon thereafter she released this track and I have been enjoying it on my commute for the rest of the year!  Definitely worth checking out!

Obsolete Future’s House of Mutes Vol.1

Coming from around the world, Denver/Austin based Obsolete Future describes this compilation of electronic music / techno tunes precisely.  Beautiful artwork on this cassette release (think ANALOG) and overall great presentation of local and global artists.  In the electronic high rotation bin for sure!  A must listen!

Carpe Sonum’s Veni Vidi Audivi

This was just released at the end of the year and already is in high rotation.  For those unfamiliar with this label, it is a tribute label to the late Pete Namlook (think FAX – the pioneering electronic music label out of Germany).  This is an excellent lineup of ambient artists and look forward to what 2015 has to bring from this label!


Symbols & Translations?  This is banned media from some Austin freak.  This track is solid techno and makes you yearn for the next release.  I happened to find a bootleg of the upcoming Austin show and that track is amazing.  Clubs, beware!

 Now some not so local artists…

Trentemøller – Lost

I’m a big fan of Trentemøller; his latest couple of albums have been more listening albums than his earlier dancefloor style.  This album is great; excellent female vocals throughout; some really mellow tracks while others are seriously rockin’.  Several tracks remind me of older The Cure, especially in the guitars!  Got to see him on this tour at the Gothic and was a stellar show!  Full band…he’s a very talented individual!

Hank III – Long Gone Daddy

This is a great record of probably mixed timeframe of tracks on Curb Records.  Hank III has departed ways with Curb (seems pretty nasty relationship) but they must have a wonderful archive of his stuff.  I liked this better than his Brothers of 4×4 and punk albums he came out in 2014 as well.  Classic country, as only Hank 3 can pull off!

Terranova – Hotel Amour (Kompakt)

I’ve been a big fan of this German producer and this album took me by surprise.  Vocal electronic tech house music, but a little more soulful than I typically listen to.  The album has grown on me and I listen to it often.  I recommend all his releases!

Kid Koala – 12 Bit Blues (Ninja Tune)

Ok, the gimmick lured me into this album, but after the first listen I loved it.  Kid Koala mashes up old blues tunes as only he can.  The best part, though, is on the CD there is a small turntable you put together (cardboard) with a flexi record you can listen to!  Now this I couldn’t turn down.


Bonobo – Cirrus (Ninja Tune)

What a cool picture disk.  This is a zeotrope with a cardboard zoetrope viewer.  The limited picture disk was made available only to fans with a voucher (from the fan club I think).  The track is really nice, and the picture disk and its Zoetrope video is incredible.  Super sweet!

 Blawan – His He She & She EP (Hinge Finger)

Love this straight up techno track.  Why they hide bodies under my garage?  Don’t know, but it definitely inspired an amazing track.  The other 3 tracks on the EP are killer tracks too.  Mostly dancefloor techno tracks, one is an amazing “anxiety” track ala Demdike Stares.  Highly recommended!  Oh, and the video is amazing; again Zoetrope!  Took 2 years to track this bad boy down; but acquired the single in 2014 so it made the list!

Plastikman – EX (Novamute)

Richie Hawtin was commissioned to perform at the Guggenheim Museum and this is the set he put together for it.  Classic Plastikman minimal acid techno, I really like the album.  Lots of work on the EFX and straight up 303 and beats like only Richie can pull off!

Luke Vibert – Ridmik (Hypercolor)

Luke Vibert is one of the kings of acid music, and this is a great expedition down that classic acid sound like no one but Luke can do.  FUNKY beats and soulful techno acid.  Super sweet!


Bjork – Bastards (One Little Indian)

This was a record store day special from several years ago, Angelos had it for 1/2 price. Great album full of limited edition remixes from the album Crystalline.  Bjork remixes are typically more fun and I like them better than album versions.  Bjork was ahead of the game (image that) creating an interactive iPad app for this album.  For fans of Bjork; even includes a Daniel Bell remix, who passed this year; his Dancer In the Dark soundtrack was amazing!

Kline Coma Xero (Medical Records)

Tony Williams I first heard on Soundcloud, the Left Behind track.  I’ve been following him since.  This is his first album and it is absolutely classic EBM.  Very talented, can’t wait for future releases from him!


Happy New Year S/T

I bought this on a whim; the discogs seller had it cheap and it was free shipping; sometimes you have to take a chance to get something new.  This would fit perfectly at The Road House opening for Julee Cruise!  Sometimes you get lucky.  Also on pretty white vinyl!

 And finally some classic reissues on vinyl…

  • Lassigue Bendthaus – Atom Heart’s first project, essential EBM, an absolute classic!  Comes with a 12″ and 7″.
  • Siouxsie and the Banshees – Songs from the Void.  The earliest Siouxsie recordings available, on incredible orange marbled vinyl (my favorite color and rare color for vinyl).  Amazing bootleg!
  • Psyche – Re-membering Dwayne.  Tribute album of Skinny Puppy band member Dwayne Goettel.  He was in Psyche and crushed the band to join up as a permanent member of Skinny Puppy until his overdose prior to The Process album.  I am a big fan of Psyche after Dwayne left; and this album doesn’t disappoint; much more aggro–all the stuff Dwayne recorded with the band including his diary/notebook as an insert!
  • Skinny Puppy – The Greater Wrong of the Right.  Classic re-issue of this album when they started their comeback in my opinion.  Only available on DVD/CD combo (concert) and Metropolis released this super packaging gatefold release.  Classic “new” album in the Skinny Puppy catalog.
  • Xymox – Subsequent Pleasures.  This album has been impossible to find over the years, and recently repressed in high quality vinyl with a remaster.  This is the first Xymox single before they signed to 4AD Records as Clan of Xymox.  If you like early Clan of Xymox, this is a must!

Singles – Soundcloud playlists

Finally, I have been finding a bunch of music on Soundcloud.  As you probably know, you have to dig to find gems; and many times you come up empty handed; but as prospecting for gems in the real world; when you hit a pocket you are treated with many incredible finds.  That’s Soundcloud for me.  I have been interested in 140/Dungeon style of Dubstep…very slow funky beats with cinematic backdrops and just amazing bass.  Check out some of these tracks…


Top 2013 Releases



Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens – Los Angeles Mescal Buttons

Denver based teacher & songwriter that put together a great EP available for free!  Gotta love that.  Nice western feel and great bassline for the title track.  Remixes are good too!  The Marcellus Lewis Remix has some nice squidgy sounds under a deep reverb tank that are great!


Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens – The Holy Dogs of Other Days

Awesome album; and gets the creativity art project of the year award!!!  Released on a 2” button that you can clip onto your jean jacket…just plug in headphones and away you go…  track selection and volume control included.  Plug into USB for a fresh recharge!  One of the best packaging ideas to date; and the tunes are awesome too.  Get the digital edition for free…


Cyberia – DYAD

What the hell is up with Denver bands this year!  O F F  T H E  C H A R T S !!! This is off of some obscure cassette tape label (really?) from some hick town in Texass.  One of the most listened to albums of the year; this is a great commuter release.   Tight melodies and awesome production!  If you haven’t heard it yet; well; you’re lame!


Locust – You’ll Be Safe Forever

I love Mark Van Hoen; and he again comes out with a strong release!  I can remember falling in love with his sound from Weathered Well in 94; this is no-where near as strong of a release; but that one will never be bested by Mark.  Not ambient, not dance; but somewhere in the void between…awesome rainy day music!


Adult – The Way Things Fall

Starting in 2012 I rediscovered one of my favorite genres, coldwave, on Soundcloud.  Since I have been loving all the resurgence of this sound.  I remember seeing Adult in NYC 2000 at the SiNFest and this duo has come a long way since then!  Female vocals are a bit off; which just drives me nuts!  For those liking an alternative sound, grab it!


Makina GiRGiR – Torment

Another incredible coldwave record.  Beautiful female vocals over classic old school “new wave”.  Awesome French start up label doing beautiful releases.  This one is hand silk screened!  Thanks to Soundcloud for tuning me into this one!


Various – Circuit D’Actes 3

A great new startup label from France, Le Forme Lente is hitting it with spot on coldwave VINYL ONLY releases.  Along with the Makina GirGir LP; this one is excellent.  Featuring Kline Coma Xero from San Francisco, a great startup artist very reminiscent of Lassigue Bendthaus, and when I saw he had this release on vinyl I had to pick it up!  The KCX track is incredible, and I was gifted with 9 other awesome tracks!  A very disturbing version of “Ring Around The Rosie” ends the LP…


Miss Kittin – Falling from the Stars

This album has grown on me considerably.  Not as much so as her last album Batbox (which is growing to one of my all time favorite techno-pop albums), but this 4LP heavy weight set has two modes—the first two LPs are more techno pop while the second two are more experimental and instrumental.  Bought this pre-order from France, $21 shipped as it was not available in America; keep an eye on Amazon for great deals!


Dopplereffekt – Tetrahymena

A latecomer to 2013; this is a classic Detroit style 3 track EP.  Starting off with analog arpeggio and travelling through classic electro and dark techno; a classic release!  Can’t get this off of the turntable!  On my newest mix…


SP#1 – Retrofit

2 tracks of acid techno bliss.  I bought this on a whim from Amoeba (first visit since 2008!) –this is likely the most listened to record of the year for me.  Ultra limited, you probably missed it…  Mesmerizing deep acid techno; both sides are incredible—hypnotising!  Also on the above mixtape…


Recondite – On Acid

A recommendation from some label owner in Texass, this is one of the best acid albums in a long time.  Not the typical dance stuff; but full of slide and octave up on the old 303!  The vinyl sounds amazing!  Wonderful record!


Trentemoller – Reworked & Remixed

My first (and only) official buy on iTunes.  This is a remix compilation from his amazing “Into the Great Wide Yonder” album from several years back.  Awesome self-remixes along with touch ups from other great producers; the fav is the surf track produced by Andrew Weatherall!  Essential Trentemoller release!


Skinny Puppy – Weapon LP

I saw them in 2012 and they still have what has made the one of the best electronic bands ever; what an amazing show!  This LP was limited and worth the long wait; classic Puppy sound but with a modern feel and great synth programming as always.  Solvent is a remake from their first cassette demo and takes you all that way back; the other tracks are fresh but also have the feel of early Puppy!  Great record!


Atom TM – Pop HD

I love most the album; except the horrible Who remake and the Jamie Lidell tracks.  Uwe mastering makes the most of minimal samples and spaced sounds.  BIG sound from little sounds!  Production quality is something to make engineers heads spin—he is the master!  Great fun!  Stop Imperialist Pop makes me laugh out loud each listen!  Can’t wait for the Blu-ray version!


I Dream of Wires Blu-ray

Produced by Canada’s own Jason Amm (Solvent), this is the documentary of the year, maybe the decade.  History of Modular Synthesizers is part I, part II explores the current Modular craze that is happening now.  A synth lover’s wet dream…Hardcore Edition is > 4 hours long!

Send me the ones I missed in the comments!

Vintage DJ Request Sheets

Recently I was reviewing my web blog referrer statistics and saw an interesting website called NoBreastsNoRequests .  With my curiosity sparked I paid a visit to this referring site.  It ended up being a really cool and unique blog; featuring signs in DJ booths at clubs around the world!  Going through the blog I discovered a ton of really funny (and sometimes really crude) signs in DJ booths and request sheets that DJs have received.  The blog was referring to my original posting of a request I found in an old record from a couple of years back.

Just out of pure coincidence I had pulled a record a few nights before to listen to that had another one of these requests in it…which prompted this posting.  The story goes as I was DJing whenever I would get interesting requests I’d save them with the record I was playing when I received the request.  I have many crazy request sheets stashed away giving me a laugh every now and then–throughout the rest of my life I’ll get a random laugh from the past!  Glad I decided back then to save these!

I decided to go through a row of records in the stacks and I ended up finding several of these requests.  I thought since there is interest I’d share them!

Request sheet stashed in the R&S Records "PCP EP" classic record from 1992

Request sheet stashed in the R&S Records “PCP EP” classic record from 1992

White pumps and blue dresses

White pumps and blue dresses

This next one has a funny story; the local warehouse raves at the time were promoted by a couple on entrepreneurs from UK. Although these raves started off pretty fun, many by one promotion company ended up being pretty sketchy and sometimes scary. I played a bit of techno at the time and someone had requested the classic Ice-T sampled “I am a nightmare walking” by Kid Unknown. Another statement (obviously not a request) was added about that local promoter making me laugh!

This one was stashed in a white label test pressing.

This one was stashed in a white label test pressing.

The next couple deserve some explanation as I think I know what was going on. I was DJing in Boulder Colorado, a fairly small University city northwest of Denver. I tried to play a variety of styles of music since we were the only nightclub downtown and attracted a variety of patrons. The club one summer started to have some fights and the club owners attributed it to the “ethnic folks” that obviously didn’t live in Boulder (as Boulder isn’t that diverse of a city). To cleanse the club of the problem I was ordered by the club owners to no longer play hip-hop music (common bands were Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, DJ Shadow, etc.). I thought this directive was incredibly lame and I’d sneak in a song or two with the excuse of it being a request; and of course I’d get in trouble. Eventually I’d comply and stopped playing the genre all together (but soon after I left the club). We obviously had fans of the small sets of hip-hop that I once played that came solely for those short sets…I felt bad I could not provide the music they wanted to hear on their night out on the town; but I also wanted to keep my job…

Request for Diversity (1 of 2)

Request for Diversity (1 of 2)

Request for Diversity (2 of 2)

Request for Diversity (2 of 2)

Why Techno Sucks (1 of 3)

Why Techno Sucks (1 of 3)

Why Techno Sucks (2 of 3)

Why Techno Sucks (2 of 3)

Here is the classic finale of this lengthy request. After taking nearly a whole song to read (in the near dark) the last request sheet (front and back); this one followed.  I remember this request distinctly as I couldn’t believe what I actually just read; and laughed my ass off.  I believe this request was from the same ladies as the one in my previous posting; as many of the items listed are duplicated in its sequel; but never found out who they were.

Why Techno Sucks (3 of 3)

Why Techno Sucks (3 of 3)

As I find more of these going through my record collection, I’ll continue to post these crazy things!  LMAO!