Obliq Crew on KGNU's Electronic Air 3-12-2005

Multicast/Obliq Recordings had a nice two hour showcase on KGNU.ORG’s Electronic Air. Hosted by Budda Bomb, Multicast played much of their new BCH album and also featured tracks from other projects and exclusive live and unreleased materials straight from the vault. Also included are interviews of band members.

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Crix Madine on A:D:A:P:T Soundings1

A:D:A:P:T Soundings 1This compilation caps off the year in which Trace Reddell curated the visualsoundings series of live electronic audio performances for MCA|D. The disc covers four seasons of audio/visual events thematically networked into the museum’s exhibits, including a tribute to Pop Art (sonicPOP) and an examination of architectural decay in new urban environments (music for ruins). The compilation showcases a diverse range of sonic material, from glitchy micro-textures and ambient techno to electrofunk, britpop, and choral ensemble work. All tracks were newly produced for this disc, including an exclusive live recording from Crix Madine’s performance at the museum.

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Obliq Recordings – 4213 [OBQ-09]

Obliq Recordings 4213 CDMore than the sum of individual the parts, Multicast presents expansive new views from the sidelines, featuring stellar new tracks from Crix Madine, Ted Sturgeon, Freq Modif and the Multicast mothership. Four limited colored vinyl slabs of Obliq are being released in the 7 inch 33 1/3 series with unique inserts and tasty sci-fi packaging. The CD release will contain tracks from the vinyl release with three exclusive new ones and the impressive video for “Hall of the Inverted Mushrooms”.

Obliq Recordings 4213 Vinyl Box SetReleased in 2002 in both compact disc format and limited edition vinyl box set.  300 CDs were available and 88 4x 7″ colored vinyl Box Sets with hand crafted artwork were available.

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Multicast's Berlin debut! Kanzleramt/K2o Records Album

Multicast presents Further Obliq PerspectivesSince 1996, projects including Multicast, Ted Sturgeon and Freq Modif represented this perspective to the contemporary electronic ideology, but with a more psychedelic and improvisational twist. From tracks constructed with the basics of noise and rhythmic sequences to full on melodic washes, Obliq artists sculpt aural images aimed not at the dance floor but the armchair. These artists employ methodologies of sequencing not too familiar with modern technology, but rather more traditional and improvisational in approach. Multicast, for example, creates most of their tracks from live, late night sessions. Guitars, electric mandolins, kalimbas, modular synthesizers, analog sequencers & effects and digital synthesizers are all part of the Obliq arsenal located at the Larkspur, Wallsteet and Erie facilities. Think of Multicast as an ever-evolving music project. A revolving door of ideas. A meeting of the minds from various individuals involved with the other projects within Obliq. It’s the flagship and corner stone project and even further an ideal representation of the Obliq record label as a whole. If you listen closely to the Multicast material, you will notice a sort of mesh of musical influences and backgrounds from all individuals involved yet close attention is paid in how the various parts are combined. The physical landscape of rural Colorado surrounding members of Multicast play a big part in the environmental influences in the music itself. These are wide-open spaces with room enough for ideas to flourish away from the confines and distractions of an urban environment. This isn’t to say that Multicast lives in a music vacuum or an environment void of art and music culture. Rather, the geographic location gives the project an opportunity to observe the world of electronic music from the outside in and not consumed by a metropolitan music clique. Therefore, members of Multicast rely on each other to be energized and inspired to create and follow through with ideas and bring them into being. A lot of the popular software-based music making tools — the ones dominant in modern day electronic music — are put aside which allow Multicast to focus on improvisational and organic composition. All members of Multicast are DJs, but styles may be surprising as compared to their musical output.

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Crix Madine – Yori [OBQ-04]

Crix Madine - YoriObliq newcomer Crix Madine blasts in from the north with this solid debut release. “Yori” is a poly-rhythmic sound experience where the percussion slips and slides along over dreamy and static-driven melody lines. Half-way thru the listener will find himself/herself engulfed in an “analogue bubblebath” of sublime synth lines and the metallic thunder of disjointed beats.
On the b-side, “Alpine Refuge” may invoke the imagination of overlooking deep alpine valleys and a vista of snow-capped peaks can be seen through the trees. It’s a seamless meld of organic electro-beauty, combining an almost left-field hip-hop aesthetic with melodic and crystalline bass-pads. The track is majestic in nature and leaves the listener with optimism. This seven inch release is not to be missed.

Released in early 2003 on yellow 7″ vinyl. 500 pressings with 88 included in the 4213 Box Set.

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NOTE:  HD download available in the 4213 OBQ-09 release.