Supermoon & Geminids August 2014

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It’s a couple days before the peak of the Geminids, one of my favorite meteorite showers I watch each year.  Fortunately and unfortunately the supermoon is full and setting right after dawn each morning, so the sky and ground is filled with lunar light!  I saw a couple of shooters but they were not as brilliant as usual due to the lunar light.

As I watched the sky, I realized the amount of nighttime light was probably how most folks in the suburbs see the sky on a good night!  I’m reminded how spoiled I am to live where I do on the Palmer Divide at nearly 7000 feet above sea level, in the forest far away from the city!

2014 Perseids Shooting Star
Perseids shooting star
Perseids shooter over Cassiopeia. Very bright, about 1+ second.
Supermoon 2014
Supermoon August 11, 2014

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