New Replicast Releases!

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Obliq’s sister in crime, Cryptophonics Records, has a new multi-format release available for download and purchase, and of course online listening! These were from a epic one night session recording at the Wallstreet Compound. It was about time someone revamped and redefined Krautrock!

There are two very limited releases, a CDr and a Cassette. Yes, you heard that right; here at the Obliq headquarters we have been really going retro with cassettes! These will be available for purchase in our shop very soon! But in the meantime, here are the releases!

Replicast - Replicator-X - CRY-07

Play Download 256K Buy Multi-format Release

Replicast - The Wallstreet Compound - CRY-09

Play Download 256K Buy Multi-format Release

Replicast - Replicator-X

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