Quick Music Guide to davealex.com

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There is a bunch of music throughout the website; some goes way back. To make it easier to digest I created a quick roadmap…

30m – Electro Lodge
30m – Alt Electronic
30m – Lunar Lodge 2012
Multicast – Museum In The Dark
Liquid Hardhouse 2
Hardcore/Acid Mix
Electronic Mix
Techno Acid 1
30m – Detroit
Techno Mixup
Trip Hop / Acid Jazz
davealex made tunes
Hardcore / Techno Madness
30m – Electro 2010
Mostly Acid
Multicast – New Tunes/Videos
Holy Beer Bombs 2 – Industrial
30m Wave
30m Techno
30m Experimental Ambient


  1. The Techno Mixup link needs an “h” at the beginning.

    The Multicast – New Tunes/Videos link is pointing to the wrong post.

    Sorry 🙂

  2. I saw your restoration on the Maxi Korg. Very nice. did you find a service manual for this unit?

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