Multicast on Denver Compilation "For Human Ears Only"

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For Human Ears OnlyPrepare your ears and mind for the debut transmission from Nobot Media. “For Human Ears Only.” A collection of sounds and ideas ranging from the deep glitch hop of Equulei and the Draconians (Djore Records) to the organic guitar vs. beats essence of Multicast, Neighbors, CacheFlowe, George & Caplin, and Clocks Ticking Backward. Also trasmitting on this release aree new sounds from the avant, Ghostly International’s newest signing, Twine, and Ohm Resistance label owner Submerged bringing the sub-bass analog crunch.
So, step out from behind your laptop, turn off your television, and unplug your robots receptors, these sounds are For Human Ears Only.

View Discogs Multicast – Green Sequence (Live at Unity Gain – 9.3.3)

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