Mixtape: 30m – KUCB – Mostly Acid – circa 1993

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davealex - 30m series
Dubbing down some old mix-tapes and pulled out this dandy.  Unlabelled cassette, likely mid/late 1993.  This installment of the 30m series brings nearly 30 minutes of Acid.  I was able to ID all but one track, which I will figure out soon and update this post.

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  1. Vapourspace – Gravitational Arch of 10 (Plus8, Detroit)
  2. Country & Western (Jocham Paap) – Reincarnation (SVR International, Italy)
  3. Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Astral Apache (Underground Resistance, Detroit)
  4. Integrated Circuits – Patience (Labworks Germany)
  5. ???
  6. Lenny D vs DJ Edge – Drive (Edge Records, UK)

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