Mixtape: 30m KUCB Techno from Dec 7, 1992

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davealex - 30m seriesFound this fun cassette from a show during Finals week in December 1992.  This one actually has some DJ DaveAlex talking in it which is rare for my radio show tapes, I usually paused the cassette as I didn’t like to hear myself talking when listening to these cassettes.  Techno for 6pm to start the evening!  LOL!

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Here is the tracklist!

  1. Frank De Wulf – Electrain (Music Man, Belgium)
  2. Aphex Twin – Flaphead (R&S, Belgium)
  3. Disintegrator – Black Dark Ominous Clouds (Industrial Strength, NYC)
  4. D.Shake – N.U.F.O. (Hardcore Mix) (Go Bang, Netherlands)
  5. Station ID – davealex
  6. Glitch – Brain Circuit Surgery (Industrial Strength, NYC)
  7. Mescalinum United – We Have Arrived (Aphex Twin remix) (R&S, Belgium)
  8. Underground Resistance – The Punisher (Underground Resistance, Detroit)

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