Mixtape: 30m – Chillimental circa 1994 – Experimental/Ambient

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davealex - 30m series
Here was a radio show that I did, likely late night, that was more experimental/ambient.  In the spirit of the 30m series, here is 30+ minutes of ambient electronics.  Not sure of the exact date but I know it is 1994.


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  1. Drexciya – Bubble Metropolis (intro) (Underground Resistance, Detroit)
  2. Velocette – Untitled (Reflective, San Francisco)
  3. Aphex Twin – Windowsill (Warp, UK)
  4. Delerium – Inside the Chamber (Dossier, Germany)
  5. Klinik – Suffer In Silence (Antler Subway, Belgium)
  6. John Pfeiffer – Electronomusic (Drops / Moments) (RCA Victrola, USA)
  7. Locust – Lust (R&S, Belgium)

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