KUCB Ambient & Techno Show: March 13, 1994

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I was able to go through all my old mixtapes and I removed and trashed all the outer plastic cases; now I have three shoeboxes full of tapes to someday go digital with…picked one out at random and here it is. No markings other than March 13, 1994. I’ll work on a set list but there are several I’m not likely going to remember…perhaps you can help?

The first several sets were chill/ambient and then led into more techno/dance stuff later on in the show.


Kraftwerk – Ralf & Florian
? (on the tip of my tongue)
Aphex Twin – SAW2
Delerium – Stone Tower
? (again, on the tip of my tongue)
Locust – Weathered Well
Germ – Gone
< — Heads off in a techno/trance direction — >
Sequential – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
The Hallucination Generation ‎– Black Holes And Baby Universes
? (again, on the tip of my tongue)
Resistance D
Acrid Abeyance – Exposure Track

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