Freqmodif compilation release date announced!

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My band project Freqmodif with Nathan Jantz are honored to have a track being released on the upcoming House of Mutes Vol.1 compilation on Obsolete Future Recordings!  Here is the press release!  Check it out, and don’t be slow or you’ll miss the limited cassette release; and buy the digital content for cheap at bandcamp!

Obsolete Future Presents…

House of Mutes Vol. 1 [OF007]

House of Mutes Vol.1 Compilation - We're the opening track!
House of Mutes Vol.1 Compilation – We’re the opening track!

We’re back after a short stretch of seasonal inertia with our first cassette compilation: House of Mutes Vol. 1 collects new material from Obsolete Future doyens WWC, Paradise, Dyad & Formant, in addition to a plethora of unearthed tracks from the likes of Denver’s Thug Entrancer, Rocky Mountain dub traffickers Freqmodif, Austin frequency-hackers Bodytronix, the Dallas/Ft. Worth electro crew of MKG Systems, Cygnus & Mannequinz, analog-acid from the Bay Area’s Headgear and a Dutch ambient oddity from BuzzzuwfarfewwW.

The tape is packaged in a putridly gorgeous neon-yellow case & specially designed by Kristen Koenig of Pull Trigger. The 15-track collection was compiled in Austin, TX by Conor Walker and mastered as a C44.5 by Jeremy Averitt in Denver, CO.

The cassette is limited to 150 // Preorder ships Friday June 20th
Track List:
a1. Freqmodif – Mesocyclone
a2. Mannequinz – Shiyan36
a3. The Argus Effect – Anklebiter
a4. MKG Systems – SCR
a5. Thug Entrancer – Resolve
a6. Cygnus – Varaxis Networks
a7. Bodytronix – Live at Switched On (Guy Taylor Edit)

b1. Formant – Fault Creep
b2. Paradise – Doom Rollster
b3. Dyad – Vertical Hold
b4. Hellhole – Shadow Projector
b5. Brown/Ballas – Furious
b6. Headgear – Edit 4
b7. WWC – This Ain’t a Hate Thing
b8. BuzzzuwfarfewwW – Morninghaze
Don’t be stuck in Purgatorial queue // Preorder your copy!