Crix Madine on A:D:A:P:T Soundings1

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A:D:A:P:T Soundings 1This compilation caps off the year in which Trace Reddell curated the visualsoundings series of live electronic audio performances for MCA|D. The disc covers four seasons of audio/visual events thematically networked into the museum’s exhibits, including a tribute to Pop Art (sonicPOP) and an examination of architectural decay in new urban environments (music for ruins). The compilation showcases a diverse range of sonic material, from glitchy micro-textures and ambient techno to electrofunk, britpop, and choral ensemble work. All tracks were newly produced for this disc, including an exclusive live recording from Crix Madine’s performance at the museum.

View Discogs Crix Madine – Expedition To The Barrier Peaks (Live)

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