30m Series – Hardcore Techno Madness Mixes – KUCB 94

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I’ve always liked a little variety in my electronic music, as you can see from the last set of posts of mix tapes back in the Radio Station / Club DJ daze. This was a good mix of hardcore, gabber and, of course, lots of acid mixed in to spice things up a bit! I love acid! This is a show that ended up as part 2 of a 3 part series–a sci-fi based trip to the ancient land of Electricika. This was the Escape part of that trip–get the hell away from that place! 😉 Anyhow, recorded late in the night live, on air, at KUCB radio in Boulder, January 9, 1994. Enjoy! These aren’t for the faint at heart!


Hardcore & Acid Mix A KUCB Oct 9430m – davealex – Hardcore Mix A – October 4, 1994


Hardcore & Acid Mix B KUCB Oct 9430m – davealex – Hardcore Mix B – October 4, 1994

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