Laserdisc game parts for sale

Laserdisc Players for sale

I currently have many laserdisc game parts for sale per a recent upgrade project. These rare parts don’t come around often anymore. I have recently tested all parts are working except where noted. Hopefully they will help you complete your laserdisc games projects!

I will keep this list updated so if it doesn’t clearly say SOLD, it is available. Feel free to contact me with any questions, email me directly Due to the fragile nature of these parts I prefer to sell these here in the United States (i.e. US48), they are located in Colorado. I’ll work with you on shipping preferences, buyer will pay for all packaging and shipping/insurance.

I can discuss prices with you based on what you are interested in. For example, if you want the DL2 PCB, Power supply, Laser Disc player and disc I’m willing to put together a better deal than individual items.

Dragon’s Lair & Space Ace laserdisc game parts for sale

THIS IS SOLD. Sony LDP-2000 Lasermax player with IEEE-488 (parallel) expansion card (LD#1)

This expansion is not needed for any of these laserdisc games but listed in case that’s important to you. All but the IEEE-488 expansion was tested with both Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace and works flawless.

Here is the user manual for your reference.

Sony LDP-2000 with IEEE-488 expansion front
LDP-2000 with IEEE-488
Sony LDP-2000 with IEEE-488 expansion back
Sony LDP-2000 Lasermax player. (LD#2)

This was tested with both Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace and works flawless. Here is the user manual for your reference. The plastic front panel is a little loose with cracks around the power button–neither impact functionality.

Sony LDP-2000 Front
LDP-2000 As-is
Sony LDP-2000 back
Sony LDP-2000 Lasermax player. (LD#3)

This plays the laserdiscs just fine until the end, however when the RS-232 port is plugged into the Hi Tech card, it only plays the game for a little while and then freezes, tested with both Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace with similar outcome. Thus, this player is sold as-is, not working, for parts.

Sony LDP-2000 Asis
Sony LDP-2000 Asis Back
Sony LDP-2000 Asis loose front panel
THIS IS SOLD. Hi-Tech Laserdisc Player conversion card.

This was used to convert the laserdisc control signal from the original DL/SA PCB’s supported players (PR-7820 or LD-V1000) to many modern players. For my Magicom PCB, this was required to use the more reliable Sony Lasermax LDP-2000 player.

My cabinet was wired up starting with the DL/SA Magicom PCB logic board –> Hi-Tech Card –> Serial switch box ==> both Sony Lasermax LDP-2000s (one with Dragon’s Lair disc, the other with Space Ace disc). This card was working flawless and comes with the original power supply and cable.

Hi-Tech LDP Conversion Card
Original Dragon’s Lair Laserdisc.

Tested working in two different Sony LDP-2000 players.

Dragon's Lair Laser Disc
Original Space Ace Laserdisc.

The back side label of the disc has fallen off which was common for these discs. Tested working in two different Sony LDP-2000 players.

Space Ace Laser Disc
Dragon’s Lair / Space Ace combo ROM board.

This board allowed both ROMS to be loaded on a single daughter board and then switchable by a switch. These custom ROMS are set into a standard 1983 Cinematronics PCB ROM board which you could use with original Dragon’s Lair or Space Ace ROMS as well (removing the switch) if switching games the original way (switching the PCBs is much quicker and safer than all 5 ROMS). This combo ROM setup is working flawless. Although it doesn’t quite look like the mod archived on the Dragon’s Lair Project website, it could be the same modification, not sure. I don’t know which versions of the ROMS were used, but both Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace are fully functional.

DL/SA Multi-ROM Board
Coin Doubler PCB.

I have NOT taken this out of the cabinet yet, but if there is interest I will as I’m not currently using it. Registers 2 coins when one is inserted. Not needed with free play. Pictures upon request.

1991 Leland Dragon’s Lair 2 Time Warp

Leland 1991 Dragon’s Lair 2 Time Warp logic board, v3.19E, *WITH* power supply

Working 100%. This includes cables to a harness connector that may or may not work for your project, but since I won’t use them ever again I am including them. This includes a working dedicated power supply for the motherboard!

DL2 Logic Board 3.19
DL2 Power Supply
Sony LDP-1450 Lasermax laserdisc player. (LD#4)

This hooks directly to the Leland DL2 logic board and works flawless. Here is the manual.

Sony LDP-1450 Lasermax Front
Sony LDP-1450 Back
Leland 1991 Dragon’s Lair 2 Time Warp laserdisc.

Great condition. This is working flawless.

Dragons Lair 2 Timewarp Laserdisc
DL2 Timewarp LD Closeup
Dragon’s Lair 2 Time Warp SPANISH Laserdisc.

This is tested and works flawless. If you have not seen the Spanish version, it is overdubbed so you can hear the Spanish clearly and underneath at a lower volume you can hear the original English.

Dragon's Lair 2 Timewarp Spanish Laserdisc#1
Dragon’s Lair 2 Time Warp SPANISH Laserdisc.

This is tested and works flawless, but there are some small scuffs on the disc surface.

Dragon's Lair 2 Timewarp Spanish Laserdisc (#2)

Laserdisc game memorabilia for sale

Saturday Supercade (CBS) Space Ace 16mm cartoons

I have not watched this, it says there are 3 Episodes written on the leader. The film is in Excellent condition from what I can tell. I have been researching this film and not much information is available. I did find a cartoon collector that stated there is only one known copy on 16mm film (his reel started with episode 1). The first episode on this film is Episode #5 “Perilous Partners” originally airing October 6, 1984. More on Saturday Supercade. I have kept this 12″ reel in a locking plastic case and stored in cool, dry storage.

SpaceAce_16mm"Perilous Partners" (October 6, 1984)
Saturday Supercade 16mm - 3 episodes
THESE ARE SOLD. Space Ace lobby cards

Complete set of 8 – 11″ x 14″ – Great shape

Space Ace Lobby Cards - Full Set
Dragon’s Lair 2 Timewarp original animation drawing

This drawing (used to draw the cel) is of the cat in the Beethoven scene as it reaches in the stein for Dirk. I have included a snapshot of a scene in the game very close to the drawing for reference, but the hand drawing is what I’m selling.

Dragon's Lair 2 drawing
Dragon's Lair 2 animation
Space Ace Dexter original animation drawings – set of 2

These two drawings are Stock 239, 011, +H-1, drawings 45 & 47.
Dexter Drawing
Dexter Drawing 2
Dragon’s Lair (?) original animation drawing

I bought this as a Dragon’s Lair drawing but I have not been able to positively identify it. Looks more like Pete’s Dragon than Singe to me.
Dragon drawing
Original animation drawing, unknown. 503 / H-2 / 5

I purchased this with another drawing and I don’t think it is Dragon’s Lair. Not sure where it is from.
Dragon Drawing
Space Ace Promotion Ideas package

This was sent out to customers to help them promote their Space Ace game upgrade (or perhaps to persuade them to purchase the Space Ace upgrade). Interesting piece of Laserdisc game history.
Space Ace Promo 1
Space Ace Promo 2
Space Ace fan club flip book full set.

Red – Motorcycle, Green – Dexter & Monsters & Blue – Dexter & Borf

Space Ace Flip Book Full Set
Space Ace fan club flip book.

Blue – Dexter & Borf

Space Ace Flip Book - Blue
Space Ace fan club flip book. Green – Dexter & Monsters

Space Ace FlipBook - Green
Dragon’s Lair fan club flip books

dragons lair flip book 1
dragon's lair flip book 1 - first page

Dragons Lair Flip Book 2
Dragons Lair Flip Book 2 - Final Scene
Dragon’s Lair 3″ Pin (Dirk & Daphne)

Dragon's Lair Pin
Space Ace 3″ Pin (Borf)

Space Ace Pin
Dragon’s Lair Big Looker Storybook

“The Quest for the Stolen Fortune” – Marvel Books – many markings in activity book

Dragons Lair Book
Coleco ADAM computer Dragon’s Lair game manual (1984) – Good condition

Dragon's Lair ADAM Cover
Dragon's Lair ADAM Back
THIS IS SOLD. Milton Bradley Dragon’s Lair game

Missing one card (35/36) but otherwise complete.

Dragons Lair Game BoxDragons Lair Game PiecesDragon's Lair Game Playing Board
Dragon’s Lair 3D Action Figure

Princess Daphne with Fire Drake. New/sealed. Plastic has become slightly separated in lower left corner.

Dragons Lair 3D Daphne Figurine
Readysoft Space Ace computer game

CD-ROM – Instruction booklet and CD

Space Ace CD Game
THIS IS SOLD. Readysoft Dragon’s Lair computer game

CD-ROM – Instruction booklet, back cover and CD

Dragon's Lair CD Game
Readysoft Dragon’s Lair III: The Curse of Mordread IBM PC/Tandy game.

This is the last version on 5.25″ floppy diskettes that exists and is difficult to find.

Includes seven 5.25″ floppy diskettes, original box (cover corner is torn) in very good shape, original poster, Original manual (with protection codes) in great shape, original flyer/ad for Dragon’s Lair CD-ROM with order sheet, Readysoft product catalog, Computer Games Strategy Plus mail-in flyer.

Dragons Lair 3 PC Game
Fleer 56 Trading Cards/Stickers – Great shape

Just a collection of the stickers (none of the rub-off game cards), each has a “secret” on how to win various challenges in the game.

Dragons Lair Sticker Trading Cards
CTP 5156 Giddy Goons Stickers

2 sets of 6 different stickers.
Dragon's Lair sticker set