Topaz Mountain Gem Mine trip – August 14th 2011

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After the exciting time with Dad last year, I took Hunter up to dig for Topaz on one of Joe Dorris’ open digs.  We spent all day digging and did find some great specimens, but it was very slow going at first.  Joe suggested a pile for Hunter and I and he found the first one of the day.  We raked as normal there and eventually I pulled out a couple of small shards.  The finds of the day were towards the end of the day for both Hunter and I where we found some incredible specimen crystals!  Mine was blue and Hunter’s was really sharp and non-worn.  Overall, a wonderful day; and as always great thanks to Joe Dorris for making these days possible!

Dave's topaz finds - hard to see the blue Topaz against blue sky...
Hunter's Topaz finds!
Bags 'O Dirt Topaz from Joe's prepared bags
Here are the specimen quality crystals Hunter and I found
Hunter's specimen topaz

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