Quartz Crystal Pocket

large quartz crystal

I recently found a fun quartz crystal pocket which was a ton of fun to dig. It took 3 trips–3 different days–to get to the pocket’s end. This pocket experienced several growth periods as many were healed (the side that was originally attached broke off and points grew on that broken side) and 2 to 3 different secondary coatings grew. Underneath all the overgrowth the crystals are gemmy.

The bottom of the pocket grew in a pool of mud and much of crystals have a layer of mud on at least half of the sides that can only be removed by blasting it with media. Under that layer the crystals are dull and etched so it isn’t worth the effort to remove.

In the videos I try to describe what I’m finding and how I’m following the crystal trail. The start of the second video shows how I determined where to dig on day 2. The end of video 3 shows some of the finds “all cleaned up”.

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