Devil’s Head weekend pickin’ camping trip

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My buddy Terry introduced me to Devil’s Head locality back in 2009 through his friend Bill, who is a long time Picker all over Colorado.  Thanks to Bill I’ve had a ton of fun pickin’ here!  We’ve been wanting to meet up for years but one thing or another has prevented it from happening, until now!  Terry and I took a Friday off of work and headed up to Devil’s Head first thing in the morning.  There was a fresh snow earlier in the week and we figured there would be some left in the shady spots; but not enough to ruin a good weekend camp trip.  Well, there was a little more snow than we thought, about 3-4″ in the road going in, but it was supposed to be a gorgeous weekend so we decided a little snow wouldn’t hurt us.

I had all the camp spots scouted out in the area and there was one I always have been fond of, and luckily because of the early season and Friday morning (and covered in snow!) it was available.  All these campsites are first come first serve.  We parked and Terry started to set up camp while I dug snow away from where we wanted our tents.

Bill brought a friend Cliff who was a first time picker and they met us later that evening. The day was gorgeous and we had a wonderful weekend camping trip.  We picked two days, one day at a spot that I have had luck in the past and one that Bill had luck with many years back.  At my spot we found some crystals but nothing super.  The second day I bumped into a small seam of small, root beer gemmy crystals.

It was a great weekend and Bill had some useful tips that he shared from his decades of experience.  I went up the following weekend to finish up a spot but didn’t have any luck. Overall, a wonderful camping weekend early in the season, and a beautiful view from our campsite.  Also, some nice smaller gemmy crystals to bring home.

Campsite was awesome; needed a little snow shovelling though.
Campsite was awesome; needed a little snow shovelling though. NOTE: The snow proved very handy to keep our beer cold!
View of the Pikes Peak Batholith and Pikes Peak!
View of the eastern Pikes Peak Batholith and Pikes Peak!
View towards the west
View towards the west
Wonderful view of Pikes Peak
Wonderful view of Pikes Peak each morning
Boogie found this under a fallen tree.  I didn't see what kind of bird it was; but the eggs were the same size as chicken eggs.
Boogie found this under a fallen tree. Believe it was a grouse.
Devil's Head small seam
Devil’s Head small seam…most are gemmy root beer colored smoky quartz.



  1. I think I recognize that camp spot because I was struck with the great views from it but it is nearly always taken. I like the term picker!

    The eggs might be mountain plover or grouse but they look closer to mountain plover to me but I’m no expert. However mountain plovers are not found in the mountains despite the name.

    Did you get my email with some info about my topaz claim?

  2. James, I think you’re correct, it was a Grouse. That was my first thought but I remember seeing one in the past that looked different; probably because the one I remember was a male and the one we saw was female. Just looked it up in my bird guide and it appears that was it! Thanks again for the tip!

  3. Lol I just stayed at that very same campsite last night… I think I found where you guys dug! Found some big leftovers ! I know I’ve left a few msg on here and your YouTube.. Names Chory, maybe ill hear from you sometime!

  4. Hey dave, It’s me again. I believe I chatted with you a few times in the past. I stumbled accrossed your post and sure enjoy reading them. I am going to be headed up to Devils Head this weekend or maybe next. I have not been there since the 1980’s so was trying to find some info about the Topaz picnic area parking. That’s how I found your thread again. Last I remember paring was a pain. Anyway I am trying to help a few new hounders out and give an Im-ptomp-to class up there sometime soon. I figure it will not be anything fancy, I think they are mostly just new and looking for a, “how to” type deal. I misght have to sacrifrice one day or the other of the wekend but after that I am going to do some “proper” prostecting. If you are a mind to hit me up, be glad to meet you, Woody

  5. @Chory. Great to hear from you; great that you also enjoyed that amazing campsite! Would love to see some of your finds sometime, post some pictures up somewhere if you can, or blog about that adventure!

    @Woody. I sent you a PM. Thanks for the message and glad you enjoy the posts. I enjoy your videos too!

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