Study of Explosions – 4th July Fireworks

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When I was a kid, my Gramma Queenie told me stories of when she worked in a fireworks factory. Not remembering exactly what my Grandma did, I have always wondered how the fireworks were put together to create such an amazing light show.  I wondered if this is what she did for her day job? I also wonder about the skill that goes into making such an amazing work of art. Of course, then the orchestration of all of these mortars is a whole other level of artistry!

Every year I enjoy the 4th of July fireworks but they don’t last long enough…so this year I decided to photograph them and I would then be able to view them over and over and perhaps get an idea of what went into the making of them based on my Grandma’s old stories. This year the show at Erin’s Uncle/Aunt’s house were quite phenomenal (both in real life and in digital form) and I figured I’d share in case you enjoy these things too.

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