Chase: Colorado Gustnadoes. 6/15/13

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I really wanted to go out on this day; for many reasons; one being that Colorado has been void of severe this spring.  It looked a lot like the 2009 day where I caught a nice long funnel/tornado and several more tornadoes from the same storm about 10 miles from home…so I guess I figured Mother Nature was on a 4 year repeat cycle!

Well, it didn’t really turn out that way.  But it started the same.  I caught the storm from my driveway and followed it to basically Arriba.  I stayed immediately in front of the storm’s core playing jump frog with the outer gust front of the storm.  Let’s just say this is one of the dirtiest storms I’ve chased; lots of outflow dust, gustnadoes, and messy microbursts.

Finally, when the storm was starting to fade I decided to leave it and catch the next storm; it was only 7pm…but that was it for the day.  Weird.  No lightning at night on the way home; as a matter of fact I got home right at dusk.

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