05-28-2013: Last Chance Adventure

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I’ve been wanting to get out and chase for a while now.  Today was looking like the best day I could go out this week, but the action appeared to be heading into the Nebraska Panhandle and I just didn’t want to make that drive for what appeared to be a mediocre risk.  After pondering if I should go out or not, at about 2:30pm I decided to call it off for the day; unless by some lucky reason I could find a close to home cell.

About 3pm I looked at the obs and radar and noticed a small set of cells forming just east of Colorado Springs.  Storm motion would take these cells NE and I figured I could intercept them about Limon.  As they worked their way out on the plains the dew points and shear would get better, so I figured why not; if nothing else it would shake the rust off and ensure all the equipment is still working.  So I headed out with the destination between Limon and Last Chance on Hwy 71.

The storm was moving fairly slow and I was able to take some county roads and check out the storm pass slowly by from a nice vantage point on the ridge that Hwy 71 follows.  The wind farm was directly to my SE.  I ended up moving about a mile south of Last Chance to catch up to the storm for dusk lightning shots.  The storm was fizzling out so I left it about 9:15.  About 250 miles, nearly 8 hours.  Not bad for the first chase of 2013!



  1. It’s funny… looking south from Boulder, I saw the cloud tops and wondered if there were good photo ops, and whether you were going to be doing any storm chasing this season. You have answered both of my questions! (Also, technically it was 5-28-2013, right?) 🙂

  2. Thanks for keeping me in line…it was 5.29.13 when I got home…but technically it as 5.28.13! 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

    The storm was so/so, but I didn’t want to drive out to the big storms in Nebraska or the ones further north of where I was; plus I got to check out some of the rural roads I have been curious about for 15 years…I have another “secret spot” to shoot pictures from ! 🙂

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