Groaning Cave Trip – August 1991

Going through some old photos I pulled out some from the trip to Groaning Cave.  Hopefully I’ll get to visit this cave again once the white nose bat fungus is no longer a threat!

Groaning Cave

Bacon in Groaning Cave

Groaning Cave

The squeeze through the barrel entrance in Groaning Cave

Dave Groaning Cave

Fixing up the light in Groaning Cave

Groaning Cave Groaning Cave Groaning Cave Groaning Cave Groaning Cave Groaning Cave Groaning Cave Groaning Cave Entrance Groaning Cave Groaning Cave

Soda straws in Groaning Cave

Soda straws in Groaning Cave

Tribute to Adam Adamowicz 1968 – 2012

I met Adam in my early days in college in Boulder.  We hung around in the dorms at CU and throughout college including working together at the Marquee Club in Boulder into the mid 90s (the period when we were closest); we’ve had many, many, many a great time!  He was an amazing artist and a goofy, hilarious, fun and simply incredible guy!  Adam would often liven up a conversation, my day, and was known to single-handily take a mundane party into the stratosphere!

We did some very fun parties together at his warehouse in the far reaches of North Boulder.  Remember the first early Raves in Boulder?, his place was the map point.  Whatever the reason to hang out, as long as it involved lots of debauchery he’d approve of it!  He had his place decked out with crazy art over every square inch which was always fun to sit on the ground and just stare at his creations; you’d catch something different each time!

He threw many costume parties where he would ask me to DJ.  His only request was to make it different than the “typical crap they make you play at the club”! One of the series of large parties he threw was Holy Beer Bombs, I, II and III.  Many dressed in costumes, of course, because that is what one did at a Godamawicz party.   He always referred to me as DJ Krap-E or some other ridiculous DJ or MC name (the “E” thing was a joke with us as every rave DJ in the land wanted to have an “E” in their name).  Everyone looked forward to these parties and everyone always had a great time!

Adam continued on having a very successful career in the gaming world; he worked as a concept artist for video games.  Although I’m not a 1st person shooter fan, the work he did for Fallout 3 was simply worth wandering around its 3D world!  He also painted great beer glasses! Here is a great blog showcasing some of his work for Fallout 3 game.  Here is another article showcasing his artwork for Fallout 3.  Here is his personal blog.

My simple tribute is to share the wonderful flyers/posters he did for several of the parties that he threw.  Adam was an incredible friend during those times and is a person that–as anyone else that has had the fortune of having him in their lives–one would never forget!  I must say to Adam, thanks for the wonderful times and memories!

Taken from VHS HiFi, here is the first 83 minutes (I have 3.5 hours recorded, but the tape gets funky in spots) of the party; mostly industrial then some EBM/Techno.  Later on there is some house, acid jazz, and other weirdness; but again due to quality control; I’ve left that out.

Listen Now?  Holy Beer Bombs II – 3.9.93 – DJ Krap-E