Dad’s Crystals

Last time I visited my folks I took some quick photos of their crystals…

Smokey on Matrix from Devils Head, 2009 trip.

Nice smoky on Microcline from the same pocket as above at Devishead.

Smoky on cool Microcline Crystals

Another picture of this cool crystals…

And another picture:

A nice Amethyst cluster from Brazil (?):

Nice cluster of Amethyst

A nice encrysted Amethyst:
Encrusted Amethyst

Galena Crystal:

Awesome Pyrite:

2010 Pepper Season Commences…

2010 Pepper  GerminationIt’s that time I figure.  It was a nice day on Sunday so we decided to do a porch activity.  On Sunday, 3/7/10, we planted over 20 varieties of hot peppers and 2 sweet peppers.  They are being housed in a grow space that Erin’s dad gave to us; under florescent grow lights (from Lowes), 70F, 40% and light for 1/2+ the day.  I planed about 3 per variety so that hopefully at least 2 germinate per plant.  That will be a lot of plants; but you have to count for my green thumb to kill some! 🙁  If anyone has some tips, especially for clipping to make more branches/stronger fruits…I’m completely open to all ideas!  If you have any seeds you want to trade for, let me know.

Most seeds are heirloom varieties.  Here is a list of what I planted:

Bhut Jolokia – The ghost will haunt you!

Medusa Hybrid

Chervna Chushka (sweet)

Chilly Chile Chiles

Tropical Rotobasco

Praire Fire

“Holiday Time”

Purple Glow in the Dark

Turk Turban

Basque Sheepherder’s

Amish Pimiento (sweet as an apple, so they say)

Cayenne Long Think

Fish Hot

Super Chile F1 Hybrid

Explosive Ember

Little Elf (Daphne can’t wait for these)

Centennial Rainbow

Starburst Ornamental

Bolivian Rainbow


Scotch Bonnet Habanero ( 5-in-1 and ? varieties)

and…my personal favorite from prior years…Bulgarian Carrot.

Check back in for updates!