New Replicast Releases!

Obliq’s sister in crime, Cryptophonics Records, has a new multi-format release available for download and purchase, and of course online listening! These were from a epic one night session recording at the Wallstreet Compound. It was about time someone revamped and redefined Krautrock!

There are two very limited releases, a CDr and a Cassette. Yes, you heard that right; here at the Obliq headquarters we have been really going retro with cassettes! These will be available for purchase in our shop very soon! But in the meantime, here are the releases!

Replicast - Replicator-X - CRY-07

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Replicast - The Wallstreet Compound - CRY-09

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Replicast - Replicator-X

KUCB Mix Tape – Liquid Hardhouse 2

This was a great techno/industrial tape; nice and fast/hard trance and acid. I used to love to play at high bpms to get the feet shufflin and bootys movin! One side was Sept 6, 1993. The other show is unknown (not so good labelling on my part!), I’d guess mid 93. It definitely was a different timeframe because I was using a different brand of cassette; which I bought in packs of 10 or 20 from my friend, Hardcore!…

I did two specialty shows at this time; one was Sunday from 1-7 before my gig at the club from 9-2am (that was a long work day! ). THe show was “Techno”–mostly techno and industrial. I also did a “Music of our formative years” show; basically 80’s electronics, goth and new wave…today’s oldie station! That was 3 hours a week show…

Side A) (58:01)
Human Resource – Beyond the Edge
Illuminatae – Tremor Del Terra
Structure – Lovecore
Jens Lissat – Trancecore Still
Aurin – Morphia
Influid – Quite Safe
Headshop – Universe
Aphex Twin – Polynomia-C
Caustic Window – K2
Sequential – Trip to Paradise
Resistance D – Morning Sun

dj davealex - KUCB Liquid Hardhouse 2 - A Side

Side B) (52:48)
Sect – Andromeda Storm
Polygon Window – Quoth
Koenig Cylinders – Choreomania
Mark NRG – Section of Noise
Cryptic Diffusion – Just What It Is
The 21st Century Boy – Acid Anthem
Zekt – Broaden Minds
Afx – Universal Indicator Red
T-Bone Castro – Urban Partyzan
Gordon Maxhunt – Rabbit City 10
CBX Project – Square by Down

dj davealex - KUCB Liquid Hardhouse 2 - B Side

dj davealex - Liquid Hardhouse 2

Electronic DJ Sets – KUCB (pre-Radio 1190) days

I am going through the Obliq archive and have uncovered a bunch of old mixtape cassettes from my DJ days at KUCB radio in Boulder (this is pre-Radio 1190,  I forgot about a lot of these and am enjoying them in a digital format.  I figured others may be interested as well, so I have posted them to my blog.  I have over 100 tapes, most which are unlabelled (doh!), I’ll continue posting as I find interesting ones.

The first 4 are posted here:

Late 1993:  Hardcare & Acid:

Jan 1995:  IDM/Techno:

Sept 1993:  Acid/Techno:

Dec 1994:  Detroit Techno:

KUCB Mix Tape – Hardcore & Acid

Here is a tape I found with absolutely no label (I was good at not labeling tapes, but I did have track names from an old playlist I found). The first part of the set is pretty hardcore with some acid thrown in. The second set ends up getting deep in acid while remaining pretty hard edged. I am dating this as Late 1993 because of some of the records were purchased on my Europe trip that summer, so it had to be after that.

A side) (52:39)

Chosen Few – I Like Dreams

Edge Records 10 – Silence of Eternity

Euromastes – Alles Nar De Klante

NRG – Loving You

Asylum – Mescalum

Influid II – Push the Button

S-ence – Pulse Generator

Sabres of Paradise – Inter/Lergen/Ten/Ko

Genetic Waste

Jeff Mills – Berlin

DJ Edge – 303 Delerium

Zekt – It’s Goodbye

dj davealex - KUCB Hardcore - Late 1993

B Side) (53:00)

LT. D’Amato – Sound of Frustration

? – Introbass Control

Clone ID – Hardcore Traveller

Cryptic Diffusion – Just what it is that makes today’s music so different

Caustic Window – We are the music makers (hardcore mix)

Structure – Please Don’t Goa

303 Nation – ?

Sysex – Intruder

303 Nation – ?

Air Liquide – Psy 9

Pot Cycl – Ion

dj davealex - Hard Deep Acid - Late 1993

KUCB Mix Tape – Jan 28, 1995

This was getting really close to when I left the radio station. Some good trance / IDM style on this tape.

KUCB Jan 28, 1995 (92:34)
Syquest – Lazerium
Beaumont Hannant – T60160293
Bionaut – A man & his dog out for air
Balil – Parasight
Acid Code – 9.T.4
Essa 3 Found – Evolve
Total Eclipse – Bom Bole
Dave Angel – Arrival
Vibert/Simmonds – Timed Teardrop
Nine-L – Looking for Lord Lucan
Kinesthesia – Kobal
Higher Intelligence Agency – alpha 1999
Ian Pooley & Alex Empire – ?
Anoesis – Swift

Davealex – IDM / TRANCE mixtape – January 1995 by Davealex on Mixcloud


KUCB Mix Tape Sept 13, 1993 – Techno Acid 1

Here’s a fun cassette! This one was recorded on my KUCB show after I got back from my European trip with a new stack of records! Recorded September 13, 1993.

Techno Acid 1
Side -A- (52:55)

Speedy J – Ginger
Source – Squeeze
Spectral Emotions – Chiswick Days
Air Liquide – Revelation
Aurin – Spawn
Kosmik Kommando – UIY
Hardfloor – 7 am Trip
Resistance D – Emphasis
Virtual Industries – Toxic Waste

dj davealex - Techno Acid 1 Side A - Sept 13, 1993

Side -B- (53:10)

Insider – Destiny
F.U.S.E. – F.U.2
Ravesignal 3 – Horsepower
XVX II/Illuminatae – Our Mind
Cryptic Diffusion – M-Maybe
Norman – Cross The Limit
Gatorades – Dark Piano
C.J. Bolland – The 4th Sign
Up! – Nightflight
? – ?

dj davealex - Techno Acid 1 Side B - Sept 13, 1993

dj davealex - Techno Acid 2 - 1993

KUCB Mix Tape Dec 20, 1994 – Detroit Techno

I’m going through all my old tapes (hundreds) of radio shows and getting digital copies so I can once again enjoy them.  I figured I might as well put them up for others to enjoy as well. 

Here is a radio show from December 20, 1994, which was close to the end of DJing at KUCB for me (that ended in early 1995 once I got a real job). 

Tracks: (47:54)

Morganistic – Let It Go
Teste – The Wipe
Joey Beltram – Electric
S.I.N. – Overdrive
Lemuria – Voyage to Lemuria
Matteo Montecluro – Wailing
Diffusion – Even Moaning
Neuro – Paradyme
Schatrax Vol 1 – ?
Infiniti – Think Quick

dj davealex - detroit - 12-20-1994