Ted Sturgeon – Green Sequence [OBQ-06]

Ted Sturgeon - Green SequenceTed’s motto: “Spirituality Through Technology…” The forces of good and evil cancel each other out and heave a sigh of relief that we’re all here to enjoy another day. Listening to the A-side’s “Green Sequence (Frost Mix)” one discovers there is always something new to explore, and here, Multicast’s science-aficionado Ted Sturgeon discovers just what happens when the sound of hip-hop and psychedelic ambience collide. A new genre of Gregorian Modernism ripples through our cortex, courtesy of the Frost Laboratory’s manipulation of the original track, recorded at Facility Minor.
Too much science fiction as a kid said his high-school adviser, but look where it’s gotten him… “Echowurld” kicks off the B-side. The field recordings underlying this Matrix come from placing mics 30 feet apart on the Mimbres River in New Mexico one whispy moonlight night. The Mimbres Valley was once the home of a graphically advanced American Indian culture. In this track you can feel the spirits rising up from the dead to avenge their grave-plundering desecration by pot hunters. On nights like these, who needs a drum machine?

The original version of “Green Sequence” finishes off the B-side. Here we find a track making guitars safe for electronic music again. Psychedelic-acid-electro-analog-blues, indeed! A homage to the psychedelic blues of fractured genius Peter Green AND the movie “Andromeda Strain”, all in one concise little construction! Begin the countdown… another genre bender that puts the Tedster spin on sequential indie-tronics.

Released in 2002 on 7″ green vinyl.  500 produced, 88 of which were included in the 4213 Box Sets.

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NOTE:  HD download available on 4213 release OBQ-09.

Multicast – La Honda [OBQ-08]

Multicast - La HondaThe A-side presents “La Honda (Live at SinFest 2000)”, showing Multicast’s improvisational prowess as taken from their NYC debut at the SiN Festival 2000. The interplay of three distinct voices interlocked with beautiful and shimmering melodies makes the run-of-the-mill electronic duo run and scatter for cover behind their lap-tops. Compare this track with the original studio recording found on last year’s “Rural Sessions” release and see for your selves.

The B-side contains a remix by the other Obliq mad scientist Crix Madine of the original “La Honda” recording. This lo-fi bastard out of the Multicast camp shows an early incarnation of what would become a “Rural Sessions” staple. “Crix Madine’s Glik Glok Mix” sounds like the inner-workings of an analog clock ticking away, producing waves of electro-static like a Tesla coil. Here we have another genre-blender soon to be dubbed Psychedelic Electro-funk.

Released in 2002 as part of the 4213 series.  500 blue 7″ vinyls released.  88 of these were available in the 4213 Box Set.

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NOTE:  HD 320kbps download available with OBQ-09 4213 release.

Multicast on Berlin's Further Electronics Compilation

Further ElectronicsThe electrification of pop in the past 15 years has created such great genres like techno, house, electro, drum & bass, trip hop and uncountable subkinds. For all those who are into experiencing the borders of these electronic styles, the further technical development made it possible to put their ideas into practice. But far away from media hypes and mainstream a small and independent branch of electronically produced music developed since the early 90ies. Intelligent techno, nu ambient and electronica are only some of the names that have been invented in order to describe this music coming from traditions like post rock or acts like Autechre or Mouse On Mars. Further Electronics tries to give a deep insight into the research labs of some of these meticulously working producers, deriving from todays pop, post-rock and electronic music scene. Amongst established labels such as the British Rephlex represented here by Global Goon, or Leaf (from the UK as well) with a track by Manitoba, there are also less known artists and labels to discover on Further Electronics. Morr Music, for example, features Herrmann & Kleine, and City Centre Offices, from Berlin as well, is represented by Static, coming up with vocals by To Rococo Rot singer Ronald Lippok. Plug Research sends some warm Californian sunbeams with their renown label act Dntel. But there’s more fuel to add into the glowing, crackling fire. WMF Records send Nikakoi from the Georgian Republic, Kanzleramt-sublabel K2O comes up with Multicast from Colorado/U.S.A. and Calla (appearing on Belgian label Quatermass) get remixed by Metrotech (Ex-Bowery Electric) from New York and the British Metamatics (Hydrogen Dukebox) as well as Penfold Plum (Wichita) meet with people like Burnt Friedman or German act Ming from Doxa. As a result, we get a melancholic, emotional and great ensemble of electronic music with pop structures — or should one call it pop music with electronics?

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