Multicast – Sympathen [OBQ-03]

Multicast - SympathenMulticast was informed that Thaddi Hermann had placed a review of their EP1 in the German magazine De-Bug. Trying desperately to translate the German review into English, Multicast piped the text through a natural language converter on the web. Although not fully translated, the review got Mutlicast motivated to write a track. Multicast took this pseudo-translated review and fed it to a text-to-speech converter on the web. With additional vocoder-ization and added hydraulic beats, Sympathen was born. A side note, Multicast still has no clue what “Sympathen” translates to in English! The flip side is a melodic disjunct beat groove that is best described as only Calisto (Solar Sailor). The 7″ release comes in unique packaging within an 8″ floppy diskette.

Released in 2000 in limited edition 8″ Retro Floppy Diskette packaging.  Hand numbered to 400 7″ vinyl records.

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