Multicast soundtrack in Kinotonik's Mallsoleum

Kinotonik's MallsoleumThis is a short black and white film that features actor Dave Creadeau of the band Society.Burning and music of the band Redonjon. The music throught the film is full of dense atmosphere that haunts you as you follow Dave through the abandoned mall. As the film goes on the music becomes more and more rythmic, which is diametrically opposed to the environment that Dave explores. The whole atmosphere is haunting and dark. It seems to explore the fall of society through its creation of buildings. The use of dismal space aid in the environments’ potrayal. Altogether this is an innovative look at a subject that is very cliche. As this is limited in copies, many of you might not view this, and that is disappointing. This is worth checking out for its take on the fall of mankind through commercialization and the haunting soundtrack that accentuates the mood perfectly.
— CULTURE SHOCK magazine, transmission 01.97